Friday, December 17, 2010

Ultramarines The Movie: Quick Fix

by Chambers

So yeah, I am a not so closeted Dan Abnett fan boy. So when I found out that he wrote the movie and the graphic novella I went a head and ordered the disc set.

I received the set yesterday, only to have my DVD skip, jump, and stutter it's way through the entire movie. Then being the sub-genius that I am I thought I would just watch the damn thing on my computer, right. Wrong, I tried five players and the ones that could read the disk had the same problems with it stuttering and skipping.

Sliver lining is that a friend at the LFGS sent me a player that not only played it with out hiccups but also has no problem reading an image from my hard drive so I don't need to have the disk in. Most of the players couldn't do that even if they could stutter through the disc.

So for anyone who had the same problems I would suggest giving VidoLan a try.


  1. VLC is the greatest player ever. I have used it for everything bar my music since about 2006. I love the fact that you can just play ISOs without mounting them at all too.

    So, after watching, what was your opinion on the movie?

  2. VLC is my second favourite player after the MPlayer. Not sure if there's any important practical difference between the two, I'm just used to Mplayer and it's controls.

  3. I have had VLC for a long time, and love it, it has never failed me.

  4. Kevin:
    Overall my opinion on the movie is favorable. However, we are looking at doing a detailed review from several different perspectives so I will wait until then to say more.

  5. I just finished watching it.

    Mixed impressions, really. But more on a negative side, probably :(

  6. I have just finished watching the Ultramarines movie on DVD, and yes the graphics are not Avatar but once you get swept up in the plot, and immersed in the world, it is all really good.

    I agree it is a solid film where it counts, in the atmosphere, and an encouraging start for a small independent company.
    It is a VAST universe and let hope there are some more epic films to follow!!

    I liked some of the lines from the film, and thought they would make comically awesome ring tones...

    Then I found out today you can download them here!


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