Friday, December 17, 2010

The Universe Has Been Canceled

by SandWyrm

In case you haven't heard, the "Syfy" (not Sci-Fi) channel canceled Stargate Universe today.

I'm still not quite sure what I think of the show. I got what they were trying to do with the drama and the story arc, I really did. And it wasn't a bad plan, I wanted to see it come together. But I just don't think the show's creators executed the plan very well. They unfolded things too slowly, for one. Then they overplayed the drama and jumped the Shark once, almost recovered, and then WENT AND DID IT AGAIN.

That last jump was the killer, when I knew they were finished. There have been some fantastic episodes since, but nothing they did was going to matter after that stinker. Especially given the crap time slot that SyFy stuck them in. It was fail all around.

But anyway, after a few more episodes in the spring it'll be gone. The tragedy is that Syfy and the show's creators bailed on a less expensive, more highly rated show (Atlantis) to try and milk Galactica's success with this one.

Thanks for nothing guys.


  1. Awww,

    I don't watch any of the other Stargate shows, but I really, really like SGU. I hope they at least get to finish-out the season.

  2. The number of shows where they are in space are so damn few. Sci-fi (hate their spelling, it's infantile and reeks of low intelligence) and Fantasy is doing awesome in books, games, etc, but real poor in TV and movies.

    I think that it's time for a new show, something that isn't goofy or about peoples emotions all the time. I want to see damn space battles!

    A 40k show doesn't sound too likely, but imagine a show about Inquisitors done by HBO :)

  3. After getting used to SGU, it's interesting to go back and look at SG1 and Atlantis. When I do I'm struck by how crappy the sets look and how marginal the acting and dialog are. SGU has spoiled me in certain ways.

    But, like the new Galactica, I don't find myself wanting to go back and watch more than a couple of episodes. Even then I tend to skip around to just one or two favorite scenes/moments. For all the money being spent on the experience, these Sci-Drama shows are far more disposable than the Sci-Fi shows they replaced/updated.

    I feel like I watch them for the same reason you can't not watch an L.A. high-speed chase or something blowing up on the news. But once the chase is over, that's it. Just like the daily soaps, there's no reason to go back and re-live the experience.

    Certainly not in the way that I keep going back to watch Classic Battlestar, Trek, or early Stargate SG1 episodes in their entirety. They're just enjoyable in ways that Galactica/Caprica/Universe aren't.

  4. For Sci Fi I have 3 recommendations:
    Dr. Who
    Warehouse 13

    at least those are the ones Mrs. farmpunk and I sit down together to watch.

  5. nope, just sit and watch House. It is a good show, and has a decent time slot at 8pm, on Mondays. Try it out sometime, you never know that man might be your new idol!

  6. Dr Who is Sci-Fi? I thought it was a show about a traveling wizard with a blue magic wand. :p

  7. Well crap. I like that show. Oh well. It was starting to sorta suck. Guess we will have to look forward to the new Battlestar prequel series covering the first Cylon war!

  8. UG! I hope Ron Moore isn't in charge. :P


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