Saturday, December 18, 2010

TWO! TWO years! ah-ha-ha-ha!

by: farmpunk

the Back40K has been around for two years now. Two years ago, I was bored at work, and had been reading blogs associated with 40K for a while. After reading Bell of Lost Souls one day, and probably a couple of BoLS associated blogs, I thought....

heck, I can do that.

So I wandered to Blogger (because I liked it better than Wordpress), and opened this little corner of the intarwebz.

The early posts lack photos, and were during the time that 40K was just coming out of 4th ed, and learning what the new Space Marine codex, and 5th edition held for us.

It's sort of fun to read those old battle reports, and I really wish I had pictures for those early posts. It was also before we started using Page Breaks.

I put forth stuff about massed light armor, since It's what I was playing even in 4th ed. For a While it was mostly Chambers and I commenting back and forth.

In March 2009, I asked SandWyrm to join up. Here's his first article: Why it's good to lose games

We've got some gems hidden in our old archive. I need to compile some of our good tactical and philosophical articles. Like: Getting shot up and Pulling Models

Anyhow, Thanks to all of you who come by to take a look at what we're doing, all through the last two years, and during our current discussions about W/L, as we hash out with the Indy 40K community what we're going to to for the Indy OPEN. (tentatively in Nov.)


  1. Hearty congrats from the Motherland, Guys!

    - Drax

  2. Congratulations, guys!

    PS. You need to get Chambers to talk more... he's full of goodies.

    PSS Saw Tim recently, he says "hey".

  3. Woooo! Happy B'Day Back40k - and many more. The Blogosphere would be duller without you, and I maybe would have given up but for the early support I received from you guys.

    You have my sword.

  4. Wow, you guys seem like a much older blog just because it's so well established. Good job! My own blog will be two in March.

  5. You're one of the better reads out here, and you always manage to keep it light and fun. Good job guys, and keep it up!

  6. Good grief, this blog is almost venerable! Good job folks.


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