Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battle of the Newbies! Uberdark vs Spaguatyrine

by Spaguatyrine

The mighty Ork invasion force comes back from looting a nearby village to see it's home base being surrounded by puny looking Space Marines . Some of them are riding wolves.

(Sorry about the blurry pictures. I checked my settings afterword and the auto shake feature was turned off)

The Battle was annihilation with spearhead deployment.
2500 Points of Goodness for both sides.

My list was:

Ragnar Blackmane
Wolf Lord on Thunder wolf with Frost Blade and Storm Shield with Runic Armor. 2+/3+ Str 6 Wpn.
Rune Priest with Chooser of the slain and Living Lightning and Jaws
Rune Priest with Jaws and Murderous Hurricane-Went with GH1

4 Thunder wolfs. 1/TH, 1 SS, 1 BP and CCW, 1 BP and CCW and Melta Bombs

1 Wolf Guard unit with:
  3x Combi Meltas -Dropped in Pod
  1xCmelta and Thunder hammer-Went with GH-2
  1xCmelta with Power fist-Went with Scouts
  1xCmelta with Power weapon-Went with GH-3
1 5 Man Scout pack with Melta gun

6 GH-1 with Pweapon and melta gun in Rhino
6 GH-2 with Pweapon and melta gun in Rhino
6 GH-3 with melta gun in Rhino
10 GH with 2 melta, Wolf Banner and Pweapon-Went in Cruader with Ragnar
5 GH with flamer in Razorback

1 Longfang 4 Missle Launchers
1 Longfang 2 Missle Launchers, 2 Lascannons
1 Landraider Crusader with MM

He had something like this: (Don't know orks and forgot to ask)

Wazdaka-On Bike
8 Nobs on bikes and a Pain boy

Big Mek with KFF in Battle Wagon
4 Trucks with 11 boys and Nobs with Pclaws
30 unit of Boys on foot with Nob and claw
(All Vehicles had rams and some had wrecking balls and boarding planks and painted red)

Looted Wagon with Vindicator type gun
1 Unit of 8 Lootas
2 Deff Koptas

3 Killa cans

Uber won the roll to go first and deployed like this:

My first thought was OH CRAP!!!! This is way too much compared to my puny force.   He moved everything towards me in a nice group as to give cover saves to all the vehicles.  His looted wagon rolled a 1 and couldn't shoot. (This would happen twice) He moved the 30 man squad to the right of the trees, the bikes to the right of them a full 24" and the deff koptas scout moved to the far right then came along the board to try and shoot at my razorback.  Unfortunately for him, he blocked his own line of sight to his lootas and was only able to shoot at my far left Rhino with the Rune Priest who had Jaws on my left flank. He hit twice but failed to do anything on 2 rolls of 2's. He didn't hit with anything else his first turn. 

On my first turn I dropped my Drop pod behind the Looted wagon which was out of KFF range and blew off the main weapon, also shaking the vehicle.  I moved my Crusader up 6" and fired everything at the front Truck exploding it in place. The power of the machine spirit immobilized the left truck with a hurricane bolter (His bad luck and my hot dice would continue throughout the game :( ), moved the wolves directly behind to possibly get a first turn charge depending on my shooting.  I guessed Wazdakka was within 24" so thought I would try for a desperation shot of Jaws. I moved both Rhino's out of the way, disembarking GH-2 in cover behind the wrecked Rhino Terrain. I then move the RP Rhino twelve inches and disembarked the RP within 2" of GH-2 Joining him to that unit.  I shot Jaws off and Just hit Wazdaka, he rolled a 3. (On a 4+ he gets sucked into the earth). The razorback on the far left of my picture, shot at the deff koptas inflicting 1 wound.  The long fangs with the RP shot at some trucks but did a lot of nothing due to the KFF. The second long fang pack killed 1 deff kopta and made them fly away with a morale check. I didn't destroy enough vehicle so elected to run my Thunder wolves back behind my crusader. (This would be the most important decision I made )

The end of turn 1 looked like this:

Uber's turn 2. He moved his bikes 12" straight towards my Rune priest and shot at the Rune Priest without any results. (Why?). His Kill Kans moved to assault my Landraider along with the 9 boys left from the truck. The Deff Kopta rallied and shot at my Rune Priest and squad without any results.  The rest of his trucks moved forward towards my left flank going around his immobilized truck. The blob moved straight towards me. His looted wagon moved forward to shoot but didn't hit anything. His lootas turned to shoot my WGuard and killed 1 of 3. (Bad Dice/Good Dice)  He then assaulted my Crusader and Immobilized it with the cans rolling 6 hits out of 6 hits at initiative 2! and His Nob then exploded it at initiative 1.  The next picture will show that he killed 4 of his 9 orks and they would run. His left truck moved 12" and his unit jumped out to crack my far Left Rhino, doing nothing due to my smoke launchers and moving 12" in the previous phase.

My turn 2. I moved in for the ultimate assault. The GH-3 squad on the far left got out of the Rhino to take out the Ork boys. The Rhino backed up 6" to shoot the storm bolter.  The Rune Priest left GH-2 and got back in his Rhino and moved 6" forward to shoot jaws at the Conga line of orks.  GH-2 climbed back in their Rhino and scooted 12" to the left flank behind the big Orc Cannon to support GH-3 next turn.  The Thunder wolves moved forward to get into combat with the Nobs and Wazdaka. Ragnar and GH moved out to get into combat with the 30 blob, but only rolled a 3 on their move and I had to assault the 5 man unit. (Uggh) The Razorback moved to take 2 shots at the Cans as I needed to kill them so they wouldn't crunch Ragnar next turn.  Shooting was pretty good for me this turn as I killed the Deff Kopta, Destroyed 2 of the 3 cans, 1 Loota from Living Lightning across the board.  Jaws was fired again and a great hole opened up and swallowed Wazdakka and 2 Nob Bikers.  He lost 3 of 10 and failed his morale test.  This was actually good for him until he only ran 7 inches away on 3d6. That put him 10" away from my Thunder wolves who charged in and killed 3 more. He did 2 wounds to me and Ran again. I rolled a 1 to catch him and he got away. I consolidated into the woods you see.  Ragnar couldn't make it to multi assault the blob and the 5 boys otherwise this would have been really bad for him.  I shot and killed the unit on the far left out of the picture.  The end of Turn 2 looked like this:

His turn 3:
Uber was feeling desperate and began the tank shocks. On the far left out of the picture he tanks shocked my unit of GH. I death or gloried the battle wagon with my Meltagun and immobilized him.  He then tank shocked me again with a truck. The melta gunner was out in front of the battle wagon, so I was able to death or glory with my Wolf Guard with the combi melta. I only destroyed the weapon so lost my Wolf Guard.  He moved his lone Kan to flame and assault Ragnar and his unit.  Believe it or not, with 7 attacks from Ragnar doing nothing, I blew up his walker before he could assault with a Krak Grenade. (Rolled a 6 then a 6 then a 6 Ouch!) His blob shot and assaulted my Thunder wolves do 0 wounds in the shooting phase and 3 unsaved wounds with the out of 96 attacks. I did 9 wounds due to some bad rolling and he lost combat by 5 and loss by 6 loosing 5 more.  His bikes moved again and shoot at my 2 Wolf guard killing 1.

My turn 3. My wolf scouts come in behind enemy lines right behind the Lootas. They will end up assaulting them and killing them off.  The Thunder wolves kill all but 11. He kills the remaining 2 TW Cav but still loosed combat by 5 and looses 5 more models.  I shoot and blow up every vehicle except the looted wagon.  Almost everything explodes. I move the Rune Priest into the Crusader crater to get closer and cast Murderous Hurricane killing only 1 orc.  GH 1 and 2 shoot and assault the last truck. The battle wagon is destroyed by 2 missles. The last truck gets blown apart from living lightning. I assault the boys that were in the middle truck with Ragnar and his GH and kill them to the man before they can swing back.  He now has 1 unit of boys on the board in front of my Rune priest and surrounded by Ragnar and GH-2, the big mek, the bikes who are still running, and a small portion of small boys surrounding the Thunderwolf Lord. 

This picture is before I complete my turn 3. 

This is what is left of his blob at the beginning of his turn 4. They will die without putting an unsaved wound on the Lord.

Uber's turn 4 he Moves the Big Mek into assault with GH-2, and the boys move forward and blowup the Rhino with the Rune priest and his GH pack. His Looted Wagon Rams my the same Rhino first and does nothing.  His bikes run off the board on turn 4. His blob dies to the Wolf Lord. We call it a game before my turn 4 as his orkish dice are actually orkish dice.  The picture below shows the left flank which I kept missing for some reason in my pictures.

It was a great battle of Orks vs Space Wolves.  A few things I learned from playing Uber. 

*Man can he paint and convert at an amazing level. These pictures are nothing compared to seeing them in person.
*Nob Squads are mean and nasty. Do what you can to kill them when you can.
* I should have assaulted his 30 man blob and the bikes at the same time when I knew Ragnar wasn't going to make it. I would have wiped out both units without taking so many attacks for the 1st turn, and only .5 of his blob would have been within defender react range.
*Make sure I line up my melta guns where I think the opponent will tank shock. As this is a tactic being used more and more, and melta gun will almost always stop a vehicle.  (Super great tactic)
*It can be good to allow your opponent to go first if they are coming to me and they don't have super long range or high ballistic skill. My army is great at assault and counter assault. 

Suggestions for Uberdark:

*STAY AWAY FROM JAWS. I know you attempted to by going on the right flank, but after you saw me move to the right and jump out to get you.......
*You shocked me into panic when you blew up my Crusader at the beginning of your turn 2.  I was in scramble mode and almost made numerous mistakes.  I think if you would have assaulted everything on turn 2 the game would have been seriously different. 
*You are a great player, I am not sure how ork points work, but it seems like maybe you spent a lot of points on upgrades for your vehicles that didn't help you.
*More Lootas!!!!!

Thanks again Uberdark! You have given me a healthy dose of respect for Orks.  I will have to think hard when I face Archfiend.


  1. Uberdark-Many of the things in your army are great, they just need to know their place. Ask yourself before games, what is this unit going to do for me. example: deff koptas why not outflank them? Lootas are a diamond polish them and find a way to take more.

    The 4 big problems I saw are
    A: did you feel confident playing 2.5k? don't stretch points too far or you'll buy useless upgrades and such
    B: not enough range antitank, sadly lootas are only real option
    C: you need a unit that can lay down tons of wounds, burnas are a good one.
    D: Space wolves are the anti-horde army they love destroying my nids and orks alike

    Spaguatyrine- great report thank you. I can't wait to see the whole army painted. Your list is very solid and I am excited to see it hopefully sometime soon. Your thunderwolves look great and I appreciate seeing more players like yourself taking so much pride in their army. I enjoyed the grenades on the kan that made it worth reading for sure lol

  2. rionn: a: no i did not, i did not have enough time to get my new tank done, and would have had 20 boys in an open topped vehicle.
    b: ya, that happens with orks. lol
    c: that would be the dakka gun toting nobs.
    d: and yeah....i learned a valuable lesson with space wolves. not to play them. lol

    as for everything else: i know what my units do, i know how to use them better than usual. i would rate myself as an average player, but when your missing every other shot and when you do make a shot, it doesnt go through.
    as for jaws: yeah i ate that. i did not know it took every model in a straight line. i thought it was one a turn.
    in the end: i did not know space wolves well enough, and probably should have played ultra conservatively especially against an army that eats assaulting guys.

    spag: you were a consumate player and a great guy to play against. im reminded of karma here. last week i beat farmpunk, mainly because the dice gods thought it right for me to win. seriously, when you drop 9 melta rounds into a tank, shouldnt one hit. lol. so i feel farmpunk on this one.

    as a side note: spag was so nice, he actually bought me a jar of badab black. stand up action there. although where he wants me to put that at makes me wonder if i should play him again. lol.

  3. @Rionnay,

    I actually have my army painted fully but for some reason couldn't find my crusader so had to use my son's! LOL


    What happens in Kokomo stays in Kokomo. :)

  4. Uber- don't take what I said personal. JoTWW catches everyone off guard the first time they play against it but it wont really happen again.

    As for the both of you. . . ewwwwwww somethings I just don't need to hear about lol there's a 60% chance i'll be in indy next wednesday (12/22) if one of the two of you wants a game ^_^

  5. Yeah, Last week my GK's and Sisters decided they only needed to hit about 40% of the time, rather than their typical 66%.

    It's a strange game when Chimera Multilasers are close to being my MVP's.

    Then Uber's Kustom Force Field was ON FIRE, and he made 75%-80% of his cover saves.

    At least Hflamers don't miss.

  6. It was good to see Fireteam Nova last night. I am just waiting for him to get his army together. Thank you for your comments Rionnay. Have I ever met you? Wednesdays are hard for me to play. Saturdays are better for me, plus next week is Christmas and well, I will be really busy. But soon! I can play 1 time every other month or so on Wed. as I have schedule myself off early.

  7. @Rionnay,

    At this point level I play with 2 Runepriest that have Jaws, so it is kind of hard not to account for the destruction. :)

  8. Is Uber the same guy with the incredibly fabulous Orks that were featured here a while ago?


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