Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Stormraven conversion part 1

by TheGraveMind

A Stormraven, The landraider of the sky. After seeing many great conversions, and some not so great... I started thinking about making my own. I was tired of the Landraider-front/Valkyrie-end look.  So I spent three days, and some notebook pages coming up with designs,.... and then it hit me.

Screw flying landraider, I want a flying Leman russ! I took the side panels of the leman russ, some weapons and hull bitz, and sold the rest to a local ork player. I dug out the plasticard I had laying around, did some measurements, and then let them sit there for 2 months. This was near September. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and never scratch built anything like this before, so I was thinking everything through first. I finally got a metal sheet cutter, cut the dorsal and ventral sides and glued them on, then added in the front panels in segments.

After cutting away the front, I added in the front assault ramp.
So with the front hatch in place (after much much pain and glue). I again let it sit for a month. This is about October. About the time the Storm raven picture was leaked, I had everything I needed to finish, and had most of the segments assembled. They were all sitting in the box waiting for me to figure out how best to assemble them. Jump ahead to last night.

 I cut off the wings of an old B2 stealth bomber wings with the sheet-cutter.
 Took me over half an hour and a lot of frustration to get the pins to set in the wings.

I'm purposely leaving the pictures vague, as I want the final project to be a bit of a surprise. But you can get a feel for my version of the storm raven. I now have all the major components assembled, and can start play-testing the storm raven. I just need to finish up the details, and weapons, and then paint it. That will be part 2. Hopefully in a few days.


  1. Looks very good so far. You have some solid card skills. I think it looks like it will be pretty sleek, which the current photo from GW lacks, while still adhering to the imperial STC build. I look forward to seeing it progress.

  2. "this is not a flying toy".... looks interesting!

  3. Can you post your sketches, too?


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