Wednesday, July 20, 2011

40K Gaming In Atlanta?

by SandWyrm

Howdy Y'all!

It looks like I might be spending some time down in Atlanta soon for business. So let me ask this of our readers: What's the best/most competitive game store or stores down there?


  1. Atlanta has a few different stores I think around the area and just outside of town. If you can, make the drive up to Murfreesboro,TN and come throw some dice at Grand Adventures!

  2. I don't know about Atlanta, myself, but I know a guy who lived there, so I'll ask him for you. However, if you're coming down this way, I know you can stop in and hang with me and my buds in Charlotte, NC, for a bit or there's a good place in Greenville, SC (2 1/2 hours from Atlanta).

    I you're interested in any of that, you can always shoot me an email. I'll make sure to find out what I can about Atlanta from you if I can find the guy I know who lived there.

  3. Gigabytes Cafe is like 15min north of Atlanta proper in Marietta GA. They ROCK! It's like a reformed cyber cafe, so they have plenty of tables and a legit food menu. I was just there for a tourney this past weekend. They have a website too...don't know the link off the top of my head but if you google Gigabytes Cafe it'll pop up

    If you ever feel like heading south of ATL, there's a big scene in Columbus...our gaming group has like 20 players and a couple of the guys in the "road crew" (i.e. we travel for tournies) have some nice tables in their homes.

  4. My brother in-law lives in Greenville. It had a nice store as I remember (Borderlands?). They were very heavy into Flames of War.

    I saw Gigabytes pop up on my search, but I didn't know they had game tables too. Nice.

  5. I just moved to Chattanooga, but had some job training down in Atlanta in February. Unfortunately the game stores I called closed around 6pm-7pm during the week. Be sure you check their hours.


    in August they will be in a 2 story location with dozens of tables. This is in the NE suburbs of Atlanta (Buford in Gwinett County.) great late night hours, friendly staff, A++. Tourneys are supposed to gear up once in their new spot.

  7. is over in Lawernceville (also in Gwinett county) they have board and card games as well as Mini games. About a dozen tables IIRC. I also go to HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw woch is great if you want supplies other than GW/PP/Etc.


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