Tuesday, July 12, 2011

40k tourney in Kokomo/If you are coming post it here

by Uberdark

Time is fast approaching for the july 23rd tourney in Kokomo.  We have about 8 people that have signed up, so I'm asking for those people and others who havent emailed or posted yet to let me know they are in for the K-Town Throwdown 2.
One small change, DUE TO PEOPLE ASKING ME OVER AND OVER, WE ARE DOING THE NOVA OPEN FORMAT, NOT THE MODIFIED FLAMES OF WAR STYLE. please put your name on here if you are in, or email me at uberdark@yahoo.com  I will be posting this up on various sites on the interwebs.  If you would like to repost this on your own blog page, please feel free too.  thanks again,



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