Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Space Wolves vs Sisters of Battle Apoc Style

By Spaguatyrine

John and I decided to play a 2500 point Apocalypse game to test a potential Apocalypse tournament he wants to run in the future. We had a blast with a the rules basically being 1 superheavy with no D weapons. The game came down to the wire....

Most Awesome Tank Picture of the year!  A Baneblade rolling over the wooded hill with the sun shining thru the treas!
The game was 2500 points each side.  We had the 3 objectives each placing them in our deployment zone, no man's land, and each other's deployment zone. 

My deployment:

Side angle of my deployment.  Battle leader and rune priest in Rhino's with Grey Hunters at the bottom. Multi Melta Longfangs with Rhino, Baneblade, Las/Plas Razor with Flamer Grey Hunters,  Longfangs, and Thunderwolves, from top to bottom.

Longfang ruin of death.  2 units of fangs with 6 missile launchers, 2 plasma cannons, and a cyclone wolfguard and grey hunter squad.

The River was difficult and dangerous. Very fast moving current!

4 Thunder Wolves with Thunderwolf Lord. They would get hurt pretty bad turn 1.

Front View of my deployment
His unit of 20 strong crazy zealots with tons of eviscerators.
His exorcist battle formation that shot 26 Strength 8 ap 1 missiles into my wolves killing 3 of the 5 on turn 1.
His awesome looking Sisters of Battle superheavy tank. Not sure what it is called, but the main weapon shoots the Apocalypse strength 7 ap3 flame template with an 18" range from the end of the main weapon. Twin Linked heavy flamers x 2, Twin Linked Multi-Melta x 2, Twin Linked Heavy Bolter, Open Topped that carries 20+ sisters that half can shoot out of. Deadly against troops and Very nicely painted as well.

His deployment frontal view. To the left are 2 Immolaters with Twin Linked Multi Meltas with sisters with 2 meltas each.

We decided to deploy both sides, set up objectives and then roll for who went first.  I won the roll to set up first and he won the roll to go first.  He moved his Super Tank forward and roasted all the multi melta longfangs except 1, and glanced their rhino.  He shot 26 ap 1 missiles into my Thunderwolves and killed everyone except the Lord and the TH/SS Thunderwolf. He moves his repressors up on the road and popped smoke. His Immolaters wrecked my Rhino with the Battle leader and shaked the Rhino with the Rune Priest.

My turn 1, I dropped Right next to the super tank and Exorcists.

I shot 2 meltas into the exorcist and rolled double 1's. Fail!

 The Supertank moves forward 6" shooting at vehicles left and right doing nothing. The main cannon drops a template on the zealots in cover and kills 8 of them!  They make their leadership test before being charged by the Thunderwolf Lord loosing 5 more before swinging back and doing 1 wound with their eviscerators. Longfangs, Lascannons, everything shoots at vehicles! Nothing goes thru armor.  Looking sad already.
My 2 Gh packs move towards the 2 Immolaters to assault them and fail to damage 1 while only shaking the other. 

The sisters jump out and shoot at the Battle Leaders Squad killing 2. 
The GH assault 1 squad and stay locked for 2 turns due to faith and invol saves.
The rest of his turn 2 he moves his supertank and roasts 6 of the 7 GH pack and only leaves the wolguard with bolt pistol and power weapon.  His Exorcists cannot shoot this turn so move to the back corner to get cover and away from my baneblade. He moves one repressor to block my baneblade and the other one is stunned.

On his turn I kill the remaining Zealots with the Thunderwolf Lord

The Storm Shield TWC and Lord crush the shaken Repressor.

My Turn I blow up the repressor, the scouts come in to whiff with melta but pop the weapon off 1 exorcists only to die a horrible death on his next turn my tons of flamers and meltas. We do alot of shooting back and forth and kill a few tanks, kill more models.

 The Scouts pop the Weapon off 1 exorcists and whiff the rests!

 We go thru the next 2 turns with his Flying sisters dropping in and shaking my Rhino with bolt pistols, assaulting my longfangs in the ruins and dying, him taking out to structure points on my Baneblade and shaking it a ton with melta shots and eviserators, him killing ton's of longfangs with this Super tank flamer cannon. I stop all of his vehicles from moving except the supertank and 1 exorcists without a weapon.

The last turn pretty much goes as below show.  I am moving my longfangs left and grey hunters on my side to claim objectives while he is trying to deal with my baneblade, grey hunters, rune priest, battle leader etc.

The flamer Grey Hunters kill the squad by making them run and chasing them down. This is his second to last sisters unit.
The sisters get out of their wrecked Represser to move towards the objective. Picture above is after this one? Weirdness!

GH Move to block the incoming vehicle. The single wolfguard with power weapon is still alive. He killed a unit of sisters by himself and helped wipe out the last squad as well. He moves back to jump back in the Rhino if needed.

The Final Picture of the superheavies 1" away getting ready to blast each other if there is a final turn. The baneblade has 1 structure point left and the Demolisher cannon destroyed. The Sister supertanks main weapon and multi melta are shaken.

The battle ends with the Space Wolves holding 4 objectives to the Sisters holding 1 and contesting 1.  The space wolves win the day, but at a large cost of many lives.  This was a fun game, but if we are going to do a tournament we need to limit the game to 2.5 hour rounds.  I also think maybe a total 2,000 point list with 1 super heavy max might be better suited for a tournament setting. 
A Nice Side shot of the Sisters super tank.


  1. The SoB Superheavy is called 'The Fear and Loathing'! Or at least that's what I originally called it! Glad to see my creation getting field tested =)

  2. It is a site to behold. Very nice!

  3. The Sister's superheavy is a beautiful model. Awesome paint job on that one.

  4. After having watched several failed attempts at people attempting to put Apocaplyse into a tournament format, I would offer that you really ought to reconsider and just up the point levels or look into running the FOC + some other additional options.


    1. First and foremost, Apocalypse is not about structured tourney play. It is all about throwing out the FOC and playing for fun.

    2. With no structure, you run into weird combinations of forces that do not make for fun play.


    1. A 3000 pt battle, one side brings 3K of space marines (because that's what he has) and the opponent shows up with two Reaver titans. Both have 3k of forces, one isn't going to have any fun.

    2. Someone brings another 3K force, the other guy brings flyers. Again, game fail.

    The above are two real life examples observed at my local GW store when Apoc first came out and GW was trying to figure out what to do with the game.

    Their tournaments were a complete failure.

    My two yen.


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