Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Ard Boyz: Does Anybody Still Care?

by SandWyrm

The 'Ard Boyz Prelims are coming up in 3 weeks. My question to TB40K community is, does anyone still care?

Looking at the posted rules (sans missions), it seems that nothing has changed. They'll still be using the same Battle Points + Objectives system that they've always used. We can at least hope they get someone better than a minimum wage store employee to write the missions this year.

Is anyone still excited about 'Ard Boyz with all of the much better win/loss tourneys that are available now? I admit that I may go to the local prelims to snatch up some prize support. But there's no way I'm going to go to the Semi-Finals after the train wrecks that were the last 2 I attended. I don't need the stress.


  1. I'm with you on this. Of course, I don't even know that our local store will hold 'Ard Boyz this year. They don't have the space (they had to move smaller). Thus, I'd have to drive 45ish minutes to play. I don't know if playing in that kind of tournament is worth even that minimal hassle ;)

  2. There's a list of locations at the link.

    Mrs. SandWyrm is saying that she'd prefer I go to 'Ard Boyz instead of Gencon. (sigh...)

  3. Last year we convinced G2D4 to offset theirs by a day and do it on Sunday, so a few of us attended a Game Preserve one and then the G2D4 one on Sunday.

    Two chances at prize support, and more people get to qualify. So I'm hoping they'll do it that way again.

    I'm looking forward to it solely because my list last year was terrible (what's up, 32 Bloodletters) and the Semis will be waaaaay more convenient this year since I'm in Chicago with the girlfriend all the time now, so instead of having to drive three hours north, I'll just be in Chicago that week and it'll only be an hour or so away.

  4. I want to play to get more practice with either wolves or grey knights. I would like to get the knights at 2500. I have to check the missions out when I get back from Florida.

    Man it is hot down here!!!!!

  5. I know alot of people going over here in western Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska area. While I do not think most like the tournament, it is figured into the rtt rotation. Their are not alot of GT's out here, Bugeater GT Omaha, and rtt are months apart.

    I think if there was a GT in Des Miones or Minneapolis or even Kanasas City , it would not be drawing the same numbers.

  6. Excited? No, not really. It'll be a thing. I'll go. There's prize support, hopefully I'll get a free army out of it.

    It's pretty clear GW doesn't really care all that much either, so it's no surprise that the community is lackadaisical about it.

  7. Sandwyrm, where did you play your semi round at last year?

    I look at it as 3 games with prize support, nothing more. I am going because I like the 2500 pt challenge

  8. It was some small town in northern Indiana, about 30 min from Fort Wayne. i.e. The middle of nowhere.

    How GW picks locals I'll never know. We couldn't pick a major city or anything. That would be too easy.

  9. It was called Kendallville. Far northeast corner of the state.

  10. Nice store and all, but the finals should have been in either Indy or Fort Wayne.

  11. It's free, and it ahs prize support (and its 7 miles from me). Course I'm going.

  12. the only thing i've liked about it is that i get to play people that i normally wouldn't be able to. even at my local store prelims last year i played 3 people i'd never played against, and the same thing happened at the semis. out of those 6 games, 4 were fun. or at least as fun as a game can be within the context of 'are boyz.
    still, that makes this worth doing for me.

  13. Here's the deal with regionals. Stores have to sign up and have the room available to hold it. I think they have to be able to field 20 tables or 40 players. It may be a bit less but its close. So here in Indy its hard to field that many tables at any one local store and I don't see a store renting space for a free event. That's the case though if you want a local store to host regionals ask the owner.

    As far as the event I am neither hot or cold about it. I look at it as a chance to play another 3 games of 40k and win some loot.

  14. It's always been a pretty poor quality event, hopefully you lot over the pond will abandon it and force GW to change it - or, more likely, they'll abandon it too...


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