Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wheeled Chimeras and Longer Stormravens

by SandWyrm

It looks like Chapterhouse Studios has been busy lately.

They've just released a conversion kit that you can use to get Wheeled Chimeras. I don't think it meshes with the sides of the Chimera body as well as it could, but I could probably re-model the Chimera a bit to flush things up nicely.

If you convert you Chimeras like this and combine the force with some of the wheeled Hellhounds from Secret Weapon Miniatures, you'd have quite the nice looking force.

Chapterhouse has also made a kit that extends out the Stormraven so that it actually looks less like a dustbuster and more like a mini-Thunderhawk.

What does it say about your models when a competitor releases a kit to make your model look less dorky? 


  1. I am already looking at getting one of the storm raven kits, all of my reservations with the SR revolve around how god awful that model looks.

  2. I was really looking forward to the wheeled chimera kit, but as you said, the fact that it doesn't mesh correctly with the sides of the chimera is a deal breaker.

  3. The existing Chimera tread assembly already overhangs the front so it doesn't break the visual style for me.

    The Stormraven looks amazing. They got rid of the idiotic top turret too. It's a major improvement.

  4. I don't know. I am not sure I like the look of the wheeled Chimera. I think taller wheels would look better the problem I have is the weight distribution of a vehicle like that sitting on small wheels thats why tanks sit on tracks or have massive wheels. I guess its just those things that when I look at it make me think what a horrible design for a tank / armored vehicle.

    As far as the Stormraven I think it is a huge improvement. It is similar to other coversions I have seen done and I like the look quite a bit.

  5. Currently the Chimera has zero ground clearance and no suspension. It would literally have to slice its way through obstacles, or be pushed up into the air by the smallest bump. It's frankly a ridiculous design.

    At least wheels give it that ground clearance, although bizzairly these also lack any apparent suspension. Who designs these things!

    The Leman Russ is just as bad btw. Hopefully someone somewhere will make a suspension kit for it. I'd actually buy it.

  6. I'd get to the Wheeled Chimera kit and build up the middle using plasticard. There are some nifty builds in there for those willing to see them.

    The longer StormRaven has my stamp of approval, although they might as well have made it wider to accommodate a dread while they were at it.


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