Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stuff For Sale: Painted 40K Models/Minis

by SandWyrm

As part of Operation: Pay For NOVA, I've been digging through my collection of models looking for things that I don't really need anymore (including Rocket Girl, above) and putting them up on eBay. So come on in and look around at all the cool painted stuff I'm getting rid of.

Note: The eBay pages I've linked to have more pictures and a more detailed description of each item.

My First Chimera

Yep, this was the first 40K vehicle that I ever painted. It's color doesn't quite match the rest of my army, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't look great in your collection. It even has a working rear ramp!

One of My Hellhound Conversions

It's a unique creation. One of only 2 built by yours truly. I hate to let it go, but as I only ever use one Hellhound in my lists these days, it's just sitting on the shelf looking neglected. Someone else might as well give it some love. :)

5 Classic Ogryns Painted Nicely

Ah, look! Good classic Ogryn models! Not the short-bus riders that GW sells these days.

Captain Al Rahem And A Nicely Converted Medic

Buy Captn 'Al and you get a free medic. His name is Brighton (someone will get it).

Al's traitor name, by the way, is Saddama Bin Daffi. :)

Lord Commissar In White

Here's another model that I'm going to miss. Commissar Morpheus just plain looks bad ass. He needs a proper gun-line to hang out with, not a bunch of tankers.

Infantry Platoon Commissar In White

And here is Commissar Tarken, with the largest bolt pistol anyone has ever seen. ;)

A Couple Of Nice Vox Trooper Conversions

I converted these guys up from some tank crewmen back when I was still running a foot-heavy list. Unfortunately, they've never seen battle.

A Couple Of Nicely Painted Priests

Funnily enough, I never named these guys. Vincent and Jules maybe? They sure do look bad ass. Someone with a Strakken list needs to give them a good home!

A Nicely Painted Terminator Captain

I used this guy as an Inquisitor once, back in '99 before I realized that Inquisitors weren't close combat monsters. But you can use him as a Space Marine Captain.

A Tallarn Missile Launcher Squad

These guys have been on my shelf for too long.

Some Painted Tallarn Plasma Gunners

I SO overbought on plasma gunners before the 5th Ed IG codex hit. Then I had to buy some more to get the meltas that I needed. These guys need a Vet Squad to hang out in.

Tallarn Missile Squad w/Rocket Girl!

More missile launchers, with camo this time. But this lot also has ROCKET GIRL!!!

She's half-painted, but if you pay the buy-it-now price I'll finish her up for you!

All in all, not a bad collection of stuff. I've still got some Fantasy minis and a bunch of unpainted 40K stuff to put up later.


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