Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Na'vi People of Hometree Wisconson

by SandWyrm

Is it real? Is it fake? All I know is that it's damn funny!


  1. bwaahahahahha........ best part, "F-YOU SKY BITCH!!"

  2. Farmpunk has LARPing experience, what does he think?

  3. too fake. lol. they need a system, a set of rules, or something to be able to role play. even boppers/boffers have rules. no this is obviously fake. and i would NEVER spend 3 hours putting on makeup to shoot blunt arrows at a mannequin. 2 hours yes....... 3 oh hell no! lol.

  4. it's not really a LARP. It's a mock-up of a group that goes to the woods to 'play' Avatar.

    well, it could possibly be a real group that gets painted up to frolic and roll in the hay together. I knew groups like that in college. ok, except without so much bodypaint.

    Something strange happens as you drive north out of Illinois and cross the veil into Wisconsin.... The land of the Cheese Chalet, and Tommy Bartlet's water show. I think it's a different reality there.


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