Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gaming in Evansville, Indiana

by Spaguatyrine

Well it is almost official:  I am being offered a promotion to re-locate to Evansville, Indiana.  I have met some of the gamers who have came up to Indianapolis...

But I am wondering what type of gaming stores are in Evansville?  What do you have E-ville and surrounding area? 

Any place to spread my claws and call home?


  1. Huh, we're down the road in Owensboro.

    Comic Quest in Evansville has some people, though they've been pulling out of most miniatures stuff. Hobby Town has some of course, but they're not really a gaming place.

    Here in Owensboro we got Big Bang and Lotus Guardian, both of which have a lot of gaming stuff. They seem to have more of a non-card gaming community than what I've seen in Evansville, but I don't go out for gaming much. :)

  2. How far is Owensboro? Kentucky I am assuming? When I get down there I would love to get in where ever. Thanks Ben Brooks

  3. Yeah, Kentucky and it's about 30 minutes from Evansville. I've been thinking about checking out the gaming scene here myself. We're relatively new here ourselves and I'm not all that into most of the mainstream games, especially not tournaments.

    We also do a mail order business, but haven't been able to get a store space yet. Our business blog if you're interested-

  4. what?!?
    you're going to leave Indy in a vaccum of Space Wolf Booty-stomping?

  5. Hey, its Paul, the problem you will run into in Evansville is there are only two of us who play frequently and competitively. We play at Comic Quest on Sundays, the other issue is the few of my friends i got to start playing are all going off for college. Owensboro is an option for playing of course, but is still a drive. Hobbytown has models for sale and gets all the new stuff in on time. We have an unfortunately dwindling community, maybe you could help us reignite it.

  6. if anyone in the evansville / owensboro area wants to play Flames of War please let me know.

    i live in Henderson, right across the river.

  7. I know this has been up for a couple months, but there is a shop over in Henderson, Knights Comics and games, we play 40k every Saturday. I live here in Evansville and it is the only way I have been able to play lately.

  8. a-ron,

    I will be there this Saturday. I hope to get in a game with you guys. My email is if you want to email me directly. Thanks man!

  9. Hey I'm starting up 40k after almost a 5 year break, just moved to princeton in and was wondering if there was anywhere to play a few pick up games and learn 6th edition?

    Names Benny :) from ny where we have a huge gathering of stores, clubs and people to play against. Just looking for a nice group of people to get together and have fun again on the weekends


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