Friday, August 26, 2011

Invitational: Round 4

by SandWyrm

Spag triumphed (closely) over the Leafblower that knocked off Dash. He's playing Nic Nanavati's Grey Knights for first place in the final round. You can follow the game live on U-Stream right now.

Stelek moved up a few tables, so I think he won. :)


  1. I'm watching it right now. Jumped in and saw the lord fail 3 2+ armor saves.
    Hammer goes on the justicar, but needs to be on the list.
    Rah Rah, lets go Spag!

  2. These guys sure get a lot of 'explodes' results. All the games I play have lots of vehicles with seven stuns running around all game or similar.

  3. The dice were definitely bad! His were overly good, but I never make an excuse on dice. Yes, and I failed 70% of all my saves this round. Ugh!!


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