Friday, August 26, 2011

NOVA: Whiskey Night Fights

by SandWyrm

Got about 15 minutes before Farmpunk and I have to go be judges for the invitational. So I'll be quick.

Spag's Wolves spanked Fearspect's IG pretty soundly. There weren't a whole lot of Guard left on the table.

Fritz didn't show because of a family emergency. So after some scrambling I ended up playing an IG guy named Vince with a Dual-Manticore Leafblower (yes an actual one) variant. I don't know Vince's history apart from the fact that he posts on Dakka and qualified for the invitational, but we tied on table quarters and kill points before I beat him on the tertiary. Good game! I need to get pics of his KV-ish Manticore conversions.

Farmpunk didn't play as he was busy basing his GKs. He even got a lot of complements on his painting and flocking.

Huh? :)


  1. "He even got a lot of complements on his painting and flocking.


    That one is simple, when you see the 40 year old man-child sitting in the corner scribbling in his coloring book you say how good the pictures look. You do not criticize him for not being able to stay with in the lines or coloring the sky purple.

  2. That ^ made me laugh so darn hard. I really wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the army though, It has been a while since I've seen any of Farmpunk's stuff.


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