Sunday, August 14, 2011

Apple Mothership To Launch In 2015

by SandWyrm

This has nothing to do with 40K, unless you think Steve Jobs might be building a golden throne to sit on. But it is pretty interesting. The rendering above is of the new corporate headquarters that Apple is building in Cupertino, CA. It should launch be ready in 2015.

It's being touted as eco-friendly and whatnot. Which no doubt it will be. But what strikes me most about the project is the sheer symbolism of it.

In the middle of the rotting, crumbling carcass that is the California Bay Area (I lived there for 6 years, so I know the place.), Apple is going to plop down this gleaming corporate fortress like some sort of 21rst century monastery. With it's walls of glass, it's own power station, and a secret inner garden.

What does that remind me of? Oh yeah... Isengard. Saruman The White's fortress in the Lord of the Rings. Though friendlier, of course.

All they need is a Washington Monument style obelisk in the middle with a giant Apple logo on it.

Sort of like the Vatican's central monument. Only made of glass and steel. With solar powered lighting, of course.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that Jobs might be planning to put his tomb in the middle of this thing? He has been dealing with pancreatic cancer for a few years now. The long term survival rate for that disease isn't very high at all.

Not that I disapprove one bit. Every generation needs it's Howard Hughes, and that old HP campus was ugly anyway. :)


  1. The world needs more guys like him.

    And more buildings like that. Awesome looking stuff!

  2. Always with the stupid ring/coffee stain motif. The first iPod I got stopped working randomly, as iStuff is wont to do. Naturally, I couldn't fix it, as I had no idea what could be wrong, partly because Apple refuses to use such gauche and uncool anachronisms as on/off buttons. Hell no, it's got to be the Circle of Cool. The Apple Ring, perhaps. The Doughnut Hole of Apple Immersion. The Apple Hole. The A-Hole, if you will.

  3. you should change solar powered lighting to solar power lightning... ;)

  4. Does Jobs play Command & Conquer?


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