Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Really Marder-ed Them Tonight

by SandWyrm

Just got 8 kills with my Marder II in World of Tanks! My previous record was 7.

Got my Panther yesterday, but I haven't mastered it yet. Still working on getting the upgraded turret that unlocks the best guns.


  1. I had to take a step away from the game. I found myself unenjoying the game due to matchmaking.

    Congrats on your new tier Y, Vehicle Z, here's some tier Y +3 or even +4 battles for you to chew on.

    4 battles survived in my m37 out of 14. 2 of those were the only battles i've been with tier 3 +/- 2. the other twelve battles are against panthers, tigers, jagdpanthers, easy8's, bullshit.

    My sherman? forget about it.

    Hovering around 52% win rate, but it sure as shit ain't from my own doing.

    I bought some gold because I wanted a locust. Basically traded some Indiana jones mini's for it lol.

  2. @Warboss

    Seriously? It's a Marder II. Not a premium tank. Most people think it sucks.


    Yeah, what makes the Marder nice is that it doesn't usually get matched up beyond it's tier. Usually I'm in the middle of the pack somewhere, and my gun can take out tanks 2-3 tiers above me.

    The Hetzer and the Stug get screwed by the matchmaker though.

  3. yeah but the hetz still has the ability to gib tier 5 or 6 tanks.

    I've switched to derp guns on everything that can use it. if im not gonna live through the matchmaking process, i'll take my chances on big boom.

  4. English man in a top hat interviews the World of Tanks developer:

    It's interesting to hear how they came from tabletop origins.

    You can also hear about what will be eating your online gaming time next!

  5. Marder II is a sweet little TD for its tier. I have an elited one that I use to farm xp.


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