Saturday, August 13, 2011

BLOG WAR: I Have a NOVA Nemesis!

by SandWyrm

MVB is pairing up bloggers for the 'Whiskey Challenge' NOVA pre-game show. So who will be my nemesis-slash-drinking-buddy that night? Eh. Some loser named Fritz from "Way of Same Ham" or something Eldar and fruity like that. You may have heard of him. ;)

He probably looks like this:

But being an Eldar fan-boy, will dress like this:

Or maybe this:

Yeah, that's it. And of course he'll have his sidekick "Kitty Galore" along:

Who will barely fit in their custom "Catmobile":

When she isn't zooming to the rescue on the Cat-Cotti:

Of course, he'll need a doomsday plot. Like a Chinese cat-food additive that turns everyone's pets into crazy communist super-soldiers:

And Manchurian Cat-didates:

Only to be betrayed by his 2 best henchmen, who will run off with his girlfriend:

So it's a good thing my Guard will be ready for him:

Seriously though, The NOVA 40K tourney still has 18 spots left. Go grab one now! It'll be a blast!


  1. Damn that made me smile. More posts like this :)

  2. After my day at 'Ard Boyz this was a sight for sore eyes.

    I'm an average player and it didn't go well for me... exccept for the first round bye. :P

    I'll be in the corner...


  3. hahaha!

    The blue underpants look fetching but I heard a rumour Frotz is all about the blinging silver power armour these days.
    That could just be Eldar dis-information though. You know what those sneaky Xenos swines are like!

    NOVA is looking awesome as always. Events like that make me wish I lived stateside.

  4. Lolz!

    While I'd like to say I look like a sexy Sting from Dune, I'm probably more like the cat after him with a splash of fat bastard.

    Looking forward to our game and hanging out after, will be fun!

    Question is this- try to assimilate your guard for more biomass, or declare you heretic and put you under the judgment of the inquisition?

    I’m feeling my ‘knights more and more these days, but since I’m not playing the yawn fest 6 rifle dreads and psybolt spam razors/purifiers I wonder how I would do?

    Having a Land Raider fetish when playing Grey Knights isn’t that healthy I hear…

  5. @Fritz

    Oh PLEASE bring Nids. I'll set up the BBQ pit. :)

    Personally, if I were playing GKs, I'd do a Strike Squad drop list with a few Psy-Riflemen in support. Just don't bring Dreadknights, I fear them not at all.


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