Sunday, August 7, 2011

GW Dwarf Wizards (and other cool stuff) For Sale!

by SandWyrm

As part 2 of OPERATION: PAY FOR NOVA, I'm putting some more of my unused mini collection up on eBay. Including the extremely rare GW Dwarf Wizards above. Yes, they're official GW minis from the mid 1980's. And yes, that one on the left is talking to his pet frog. :)

Check 'em out!

Menoth Starter Box

First up, I'm selling the Warmachine starter box that I got for free at Adepticon. The demo I played just didn't wow me.

'Warlord Crom' Adepticon-Only Ork Mini

Then there's 'Warlord Crom'. He'd make a good final boss for a role playing adventure.

Half-Painted Basilisk

Is it half-done or half-unfinished? A little dry-brushing is all it really needs.

Tallarn Rough Rider Conversions/Bitz

Just before the new IG codex was released, I took a bunch of my old Rough Rider models and converted up some flamers, melta bombers, and guys with shotguns. That didn't turn out to be the most competitive way to go, but they do look cool. :)

The Sanguinor

He's cool looking, but I just can't use him in my army.

Tallarn Missile Launchers

I don't run big platoons, so I don't really need them.

Tallarn Plasma Gunners

These are useful models, but I bought WAY too many of them. :)

Ratling Snipers

I bought these a long time ago just to annoy a friend who would always shoot his entire army at them.

Empire Wizards

These are some old Empire Wizards from about 1990 or so.

Dwarf King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Another old model. I hate to let the old guy go, but if I get back into playing Dwarves, it's going to be in Kings of War, not WHFB. So Thorgrim's not needed.

Dwarf Bolt Throwers

One painted.

And one not. I don't need these for Kings of War either.

Dwarf Gyrocopters

And Finally... DWARF WIZARDS!

Yes, GW did make wizard models for the Dwarves once. I can't say these models are very good (or the painting by a 16 y.o. SandWyrm), but they are unique and amusing.

The one on the left is talking to his frog. While the one on the right is holding a small daemon by the leg.

You know you want them! ;)

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