Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOVA Open: I Suck

by SandWyrm

Spag's Wolves and Farmpunk's GKs are winning, while my IG have lost 2 games.

Lost the first one to Tyrannids. Only played 4 turns (grr), and it went to tertiary; where he won it by a 25 VP margin in one table quarter.

2nd loss was to Tau in a spearhead game. Stole the initiative and it looked good for a while, but then it fell apart in turn 4 when I couldn't hit/wound anything and my Chimeras all immobilized themselves on the poorly arranged terrain (my opponent and I both hated it) in such a way that I couldn't disembark in the direction I needed to.

(sigh) Six games to go...


  1. Any clue how Marshal Laeroth is doing? Black Templar Gunline?

  2. At least you still have your looks?

  3. Tyranids and Tau? Dude you're killing the bell curve.

  4. @algesan

    Pretty well, I think. Don't know specifics. The schedule is so tight that I don't get to mingle much between rounds.

  5. @TheGraveMind

    The high, dense terrain is screwing me. Tau suffer too, but they've got Jump Infantry and skimmers to help get around. I'm routinely immobilizing 4-5 tanks per game on the terrain.

  6. Off-Topic what's with this WoT game? 3 minutes into my very first match, I cant see any other tanks, pick the fastest light tank and I'm going slower than everything else... and then the game crashes?

  7. @Metrosh, ya it sucks. Play about 5-10 games and get free exp for just playing, then upgrade your engine and you'll notice a huge difference. From there you can actually start progressing. The very beginning is a little slow though.

    @Sandwyrm, Ya, I hear ya on that, I had that trouble for Ard boyz in Lafayette.

  8. Bummer your doing bAd man. The schedule is tighter than I was expecting as well. How did you finish out?

  9. Hm.. TGM, better to survive a battle, or get kills?

  10. @Drkmorals

    I'm 1 and 3. Farmpunk is 3 and 1. Spag is winning all his games (of course).

    My last game was against Space Wolves, with... (drum roll...) Thunderwolf Cav. My list was specifically designed to block and torrent Thunderwolves down, but I still got rolled over.

    At least I chewed up his Long Fangs. In fact I chewed everything up pretty well apart from those bleeping Wolves.

    Afterwards he said that I did really well, as he usually tables IG with that list, while I made him fight for it. Yeah, I get a lot of practice in dying less quickly to Thunderwolves. But what does skill matter when he can just come straight across the table regardless, eat 30+ wounds and kill whatever he wants? To me, that's the very definition of broken.

  11. "that's the very definition of broken. "



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