Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOVA Livestream

by: farmpunk

Thanks to the gents over at 11th Company Podcast, a livestream is available for people to peruse all NOVA weekend. I believe SandWyrm is planning on bringing his Banana Jr. 6000 along with him, so we'll get some blog updates up about the goings ons.

Stay Tuned here and around the blog-o-blag for NOVA happenings, True Believers!


  1. Seeing Sandy in fishnets and makeup is the last thing any of us want to see ;).

  2. oh no. I think SandWyrm's parent's bought him a personal computer. I know mine sure did.

    I'm not sure if Fritz's parents did though.

  3. It's a good thing too. We should thank his parents for sparing us the horror ;).

  4. I just know I'll die laughing if Fritz shows up for the Whiskey Challenge dressed like Gene in that picture.

    oh the horror! (or should that be honor?)

  5. Great, now he'll take it as a challenge hehe.

  6. I'll just borrow some of Farmpunk's stockings.

  7. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but Momma taught me not to play with another man's hose.


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