Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Photos of Converted Thunderwolves

by Spaguatyrine

I have 2 more to convert to have my 12.  I still have some pinning to do to ensure I can remove arms as needed.  I have thought about going to 15, but don't think it is a viable army list.  Maybe a test for Ardz boys.  The...

An Overview of my 10 Thunderwolves forming outside near the entrance to the Fang.

My two Thunderhammer models that are on foot next to their mounts.  I am now working on a third foot mounted model with the rider kneeling on top of the same rock formation while the Thunderwolf is below him.

A Stormshield and a BP/CCW Thunderwolf model next to a TW Lord or Battle Leader with a Storm Shield and a frost blade. I put these three together to show three of the 5 different poses of wolves I have. 

This is my Canis Model. I have only ever played him as Canis once. His right arm also comes off to put on a Storm Shield. 

The entire pack with the IC's on top of the cliff and the TW below.    The other 2 models will be modeled to add to pack to ensure I can run 3 units of 3 with 3 IC's, 2 Units of 4 or 5.

And Here is my pride and joy. ThunderWolf Lord with Runic Armor, Wolf Claw and Storm Shield. His right arm changes out to a Thunderhammer and Frost Blade.  This model has taken down hundreds of models to include Tanks, Monstrous Creatures, an entire unit of 20+ ork boys by himself, etc.  He is next to the entrance door of the fang.


  1. Very cool! May I ask what wolves you used besides the Canis model?

  2. @pehappel,

    I have used D&D vampire wolves, hero clix wolves of fenris, and other D&D large wolves I have found. You can get them on ebay for around $10-$13 now. When I started making them last year I got them for about $7 -$8 a piece. The only issue is there are only 4 different poses. This is why I have been ceative by changing the scenery and stances of the wolves and the riders. My 12th model I will be attempting to have him jumping off the Thunderwolf to go along with my 11th kneeling on a rock formation.

  3. Good Stuff. The change in the stances breaks up the unit very nicely. That's one heck of display board too!

  4. @Larry,

    I was fortunate enough to play against an incredibly talented display board maker who made this board for me. He is amazing. I wish I had that type of talent.


    Thanks! I love them!

  5. Twelve.... twelve... is that not a little overkill?

    I suppose, when is overkill ever a problem. They look great.


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