Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gift For Mech Players

by SandWyrm

As I continue to prepare for Adepticon this week, I decided that I didn't want to have to keep using post-it notes to represent my exploded tank craters. So here's a little something I whipped up for the whole community.

Click on the image above for the hi-res version. If you print it at 100%, each crater on the page will be the same size as a Valkyrie base.

Now before the physics majors go all postal on me, I fully realize that an symmetrical oblong crater is an impossibility. I'll even go one further and state that exploding tanks will not, in most cases, leave any crater at all. They just leave burning wrecks and an upside down turret a short distance away. But GW's rules say there's a crater, so this is how I'm going to represent mine.

It's better than post-it notes, after all. :)


  1. OOOH, very nice! Thank you! We use the actual GW craters for explosions on our tabletop. While cool looking placing models on the sloped surface towards the edge can be rather problematic.

  2. I carry 3.5 x 4 bits of balsa with basing material on them, but I aspire to something a little better once I graduate hehe.I'm thinking something along the size of a Vendetta base with a raised edge.

  3. Nice! Much better than Post-Its!

    Now if only someone would do an even more physics-defying rectangular crater for Chimeras...

    I plan to make plastic card craters... someday... after my army is "done'... L... O... L...

  4. Just an FYI, I was perusing Hobby Town USA the other day, and found that you can pick up a very nice set of 6 or so painted craters for around $20. They looked at a glance (ie, without carrying my vehicles with me everywhere I go) to be of relatively appropriate size.

    In fact, they have a few options for good cheap terrain that's more or less built for a 40k-esque system (like appropriately sized rubble piles and other tasty bitz).

    Now I just need to get me an official table... ha.

  5. I like it! Not the most elegant solution out there but for the effort it takes, these are great.

  6. i have some of these printed on to vinyl or some other similar substance. got them for 50p each from a guy at the last tourney i was at.

  7. You don't have these craters. I just made them this afternoon. :)

  8. These are a few that I made for my army. The two small ones are not done, but the big one shows how they are now. It is really nice to have these, it really makes the battle field way more epic


  9. lol, not these exact craters, just some similarly sized, similarly 3D looking ones.


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