Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spaguatyrines 1500 Grey Knights vs Blood Angels

by Spaguatyrine

Or Vampire Killers!
I took my son to play magic monday night and was able to get a game in with Courageous Carl.  I wanted to see how the 1500 pt list I posted worked against a tough MEQ army.  He had a pretty tough 1500 point list.  He had...

He had:

Lemartes leading
5 Death Company with 1 Pweapon and Jump Packs
In Storm Raven with TL Assault Cannon and TL MMelta
Furioso Dread with 2 DCCW, melta and heavy flamer

HQ Chaplain Pfist and Crosius
10 Assault Marines with 2 meltaguns, Sgt w/power weapon, Sang Priest
LandRaider Crusader and Mmelta

5 Assault Marines with Jump packs, meltagun and PFist Sgt

I had:

Grandmaster with Psychotroke Grenades
Librarian with Halberd Staff, Might of Titan, Shrouding, Warp Rift
4 Paladin's 1 Hammer, 1 Halberd, 1 Sword, 1 Master Crafted Sword
Dread with Assault Cannon and DCCW
In Storm Raven with TL Assault Cannon and TL MMelta w Psybolt Ammo

10 Strike Squad w 2/psycannons 2 halberd, 4 swords, justicar w halberd In Rhino
5 Stike Squad w psycannon, 1 halberd, 2 swords, justicar w halberd in Rhino

Double Rifleman Dread with psybolt ammo

Carl wanted to play pitched and annihilation so I agreed. I won the roll to go first and selected the deployment below.

I rolled 1 for Grand Strategy and gave re-roll 1's for the paladins's. (Ugh) Was hoping for at least 2.

My Deployment

His Deployment

Turn 1 I moved flat out and casted shrouding with the Storm Raven. I made a mistake by not moving my Rhino's due to forgetting they were not 36" range like the old psycannons! (Ugh) The Autocannon dread shot at the Storm Raven and Immobilized it.  I shot the Twin Linked Assault cannon and stunned the Raven. 

His turn 1 he moved eveything forward and with 1 lucky shot took down my Raven. I failed my 3+ cover save. (Ugh again!) I disembarked with the dread on the left of the Raven to get a cover save if shot at and the squad on the right to try a multi assault.  He moved 12 shot with the Raider and did nothing. The Death company came out jumped 12 and shot at the termies but did nothing as well. The assault marines jumped and ran towards me.

My turn 2 would hurt him pretty bad.
The dread moved forward shooting into the death company, the termies moved fowards and fanned out to hit the 5 man assault squad, the death company and the landraider.  The auto cannon dread moved forward to shoot along with the rhino's moving 6" to shoot their psycannons.  The libby casted warprift and removed 1 death company and stunned the Dread. My rifle dread exploded his dread. I shot into the death company and 5 man assault squad but did nothing else! He makes way too many 3+ saves!  I assault the Death company but have to roll for diff terrain so only make contact with the landraider and death company missin the assault squad by 1". (Ugh Ugh! a trend is showing) The psycotroke greanades cause Lemartes and the death company to strike at initiative which basically kills the whole unit without them being able to strike.I also casted hammer hand and might of titan to make them str 6 with +2d6 penetration. I roll a 13 for my hit with the halberd, but fail to hit with my strength 10 hammer +2d6.(Yes that is disgusting) I needed 6's since he moved 12". I consolidate and stand right in front of the assault squad and Landraider daring him to come out and play.

his turn 2 he comes out and shoots everything at the terminators. He kills 1 model with a meltagun shot.  I take 1 wound on the Grandmaster, Sword, and Halberd.  He shoots 8 assault cannon shots, 18 twin linked storm bolter shots, 2 metla gun shots, and 14 bolt pistols. Not bad! Having 2 wounds and allocation definitely helped.  He shoots the multi melta at the dread and hits but does nothing.  His assault phase ends up killing the hammer and the librarian with a powerfist.  He also kills the master crafted sword model. I kill 4 of his guys and he only does 4 unsaved wounds with all 5 attacks. NICE!!!!  We tie combat and I have the Halberd Termie and the Grand Master left.  I let a kid roll for the psychotroke grenades and of course he rolled a 1.  Go figure.

My turn 3, The dread gets in the fight with the assault squad, and the 10 man strike squad get out and just make it into combat to make it even numbers.  I shoot at the Raven with the autodread and do 2 more penetrations but stun and shake it again. 

After the assault, I kill everyone except Chaplain who make 3of 4  invol saves, the sang priest, the pweapon sgt and 1 marine.  They are fearless and do 0 wounds. He passes all 10 fearless saves on his 4 guys!! Really?!!  I move into base with the Grandmaster and the rest of the srike squad. I consolidate the Dread towards the Raven in cover.

His turn 3 he moves and shoots at the dread doing destroying the CCW! Ugh!! Everyone dies except the 1 basic guy. His chaplain made 6 invol saves before finally dying!  He losses combat and run, but gets away running 8" I consolidate and line up to give the termies left a cover save.  As well to put 8 psycannon shots into the landraider or Raven. 

My turn 4, I shoot the last Assault Marine with my Grand Master and Termiantor killing him as he is running away. I shoot The assault cannon, the auto dread, 8 psycannon shots and do 6 penetrating and 2 glancing hits but roll all 1's and 2's, I do blow off the assualt cannon. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!  I get my 5 man squad out in cover to unload psycannon shots into the Landraider and do nothing. 

His turn 4 he moves and shoots the crusader at my 10 man stike squad killing 5!  and imobilizing the dread before I can get to and kick the raven. 

My turn 5, I shoot the assault cannon, the auto dread, 8 psycannon shots into the Raven. I get 4 more penetrating and 2 glancing hits, all 1's and 2's. I shoot at the Raider Shaking it with the lone psycannon squad. 

His turn 5  He power machines the Assault Cannon and the Hurrincae bolter from the Raven and kill all but 1 psycannon. I flee and run 11 inches towards my board edge. We move on to another turn.

My turn 6, I finally destroy the Storm Raven with the autodread and move the dread in front of the lone psycannon model. I shoot the raider with 12 psycannon shots and the assault cannon which is a psycannon and rend twice but only glance and stun him again. Twice.

If my dread wouldn't have moved in fron of the psycannon he would have killed my psycannon. He couldnt draw line of site to him due to the dread being wrecked. We even checked it with a laser pointer! Nice Dread!

His turn  6 He moves towards my auto dread shoots the auto dread wrecking it with POM mmelta.  We roll and move on to another turn.

My turn 7 I shoot the assualt cannon, and 8 psycannon shots into the landraider and guess what, get 2 penetrating hits but only shake it!  Oh my Gosh!

His turn 7 he shoots the Assault dread with the MMelta with POM but does nothing.

Gamed ends 7 kill  points to 3. Victory for the Grey Knights.

The psychotroke grenades are worth 15 points!
Psycannons penetrated and glanced a land radier at a pretty high success rate. 25%.
The Paladins were pretty awesome.  Should have taken 2 halberds instead of 2 swords.
The librarian's might made a huge difference.

After the Librarian, Raven, and DCCW died I had a very hard time with the raider.
Stike Squad only having 1 attack base.
Storm Raven Dieing so fast. Again. 

It was a hard fought game by Carl. The Grey knights did very well. 
I need to not be afraid to use the 10 man strike squad to move forward with the Raven.

I am gong to keep on this list for more test games.

What are your thoughts or observations?


  1. I'm not sure psybolt on the Storm raven is worth it unless you take the TWHB or the Hurricane Bolters.

  2. Throw away your dice, please! I don't know what you did to make them so angry at you. I would also try to free up points for Sanctuary and Quicksilver, two very useful powers against assault heavy armies. I honestly can't overstate how powerful Sanctuary is since it can be used in every assault phase. Otherwise, that was a very well fought game.

  3. @CaulynDarr, you could be corect, but the threat is great with the TL Assault Cannon. The few extra points wouldn't greatly benefit me anywhere else, except maybe more halberds on the strike squads.

    @krash, my dice were bad on the vehicle result table but great overall. I normally don't have an issue as my main army is Space Wolves. Lack of Melta with the ap1 is a problem. Without might of titan, it was hard to punch thru the raider. Maybe melta bombs on the GMaster. There is 5 points Caulynn Darr.

  4. You could use the points from the Psybolt ammo on the Raven to get hammers for the strike squads. Then you have two more units that can threaten Land Raiders


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