Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skulls....bits and more uh.........skulls???

by Uberdark

I think we're gonna need a bigger skull............

So I was on warhammer.com today looking at the latest "whats new today," and lo and behold they have a conversation about bits.  Now mind you I love bits, being the Ork that I am.  But of course, one thing we always joke about is GW's use of skulls.

If Will Ferrell worked for GW he would be paired with Christopher Walken talking about how it "needs more skulls."  This is a constant joke amongst me and my friends, and what would you know, GW has an entire section dedicated to skulls.  Are you making a terrain board, BAMM it needs more skulls.  gotta fill a gap, ZAAPP, more skulls. And today this is what GW says:

"Now, we couldn't talk about bitz packs without mentioning skulls. For modellers and converters alike, it seems that skulls are like an alternative form of currency - the more skulls you have on your base, the wealthier you are. Adam Hall recently finished this unit of Bloodletters for a Warhammer Tournament and has festooned the entire unit with skulls from the Skull Bitz Pack and the Warhammer Basing Kit."

Note the link to skull bitz.  lol..  so if you are afraid your wife will leave you, get her skulls.  need money for a down payment on that house, get some skulls.  Wanna oversaturate your bases to death; skulls!!!!

thoughts on skulls?  Or do I need to pull out a copy of ghost rider and make you watch it!!!


  1. all i noticed was that the icon on left of that photo is absurdly large.

  2. atreides: if it had a bigger skull on it, that wouldnt be an issue.

  3. I bought that skull pack, about three years ago, and I have yet to finish it off. Some times less is more.

  4. I think it bears repeating that that icon is absurdly large.

    It's bigger than the shrine in the middle!

  5. Aww, you didn't show the other picture with the bloodletters crawling out of a giant skull!

  6. The shrine is actually a distraction. The Icon is where the real skull lies.


  7. Black Cat Bases, has a deal for 100 resin or metal skulls, your choice, different prices. I use them all the time in basing, but since you can buy bases with skulls cast into them...

    Skulls are fine for GW but not so appropriate to some other modeling projects.

  8. Yeah i got there skulls bitz pack, well 2 of them, a few years back too, and yeah, just 2 or 3 scattered through a squad or 2 does it nicely, with 1 of the mini piles on a characters base if its fitting...

    ill 3rd that comment about the banner... and look at the bearers base, its the khorne champions skull covered base...

    also, anyone remember around WD248 with the 3rd war for armageddon, in australia (unsure if was a global thing) they had the skullz tokens? where you collected x-amount for a prize?

  9. (snaps fingers)

    THAT'S what I need for my Tallarns... MOAR SKULLS!!!

  10. sandwyrm: make sure to paint them bright green. ;)

  11. only bright green if you want to win!

  12. ouch scotty......ouch.....lol


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