Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tournament 3/26/11 at Saltire

by Farmpunk

I got some info in from GeekProTem about the upcoming tourney at Saltire games...

Here's the scoop:
@ saltire games :
1500 points
$10 entry (all of this is going to prize support and will be in store gift cards)
16 players max

check-in at 10
start at 10.30

100 min rounds

each player may bring up to 2 army lists, but each is limited to the normal restrictions and both must be from the same codex.

each player will also be given 4 tokens they can award to other players, not just opponents, for any reason they like, including sportsmanship, painting, a good game, bathing, etc.
each player may only have up to 2 tokens from any single player at the end of the day.
players must either give away their tokens or turn them in by the end of the last game.
depending on turnout, the tokens may yield further prizes, but otherwise will be used as tie-breakers.

Missions :
1 : kill points, dawn of war

2 : size ground, pitched battle

3 : capture and control, spearhead *
* objectives cannot be places within 6" of a board edge

aside from the caveat on mission 3, all games will use the standard rulebook rules for each mission, including seize and random game length

if a game ends with at least 30 minutes left in the round, then both players may opt to continue if it ends, though no game can go past 7 turns

each table will be preset with terrain that players can adjust as they like as long as they complete that task before the round begins

at the start of each round, each player can choose an army list to use by placing it face-down on the table. once both players have done so, then each opponent may reveal and inspect the other player's list and deployment may begin.

Scoring :
wins = 3
draws = 1
loss = 0

Bonus points (used for tie breaking and other possibly other things) :
each kill point scored during the day = 1
each objective held at the end of a game = 3
each player token held = 1

entries/inquiries should be emailed to me (steve) at  please include your name, the codex you will be using, and how you rate on the following scale :
1 i lose most of my games
2 i'm about even
3 i win most of my games
(this will be used to do pairings)


  1. i forgot to include the schedule :

    10.30 - start game 1
    12.10 - lunch*
    1.00 - start game 2
    2.40 - 20 min break
    3.00 - start game 3
    4.40 - end game 3, prep prizes

    the goal is to be done by 5. even if things go long, i anticipate being done by 5.30.
    all breaks may be shortened if the players are all ready ahead of time.

    * nearby food includes a couple of fast food joints, pizza, chinese, and a pub.


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