Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going out with a bang.

By TheGraveMind
"There is much talk, and I have listened, through rock and metal and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen."
So 6th edition has been around for a bit now, and I've been mostly quiet. I've read through the rules many times, but haven't really bothered to play a game yet. I've been working on the hobby aspect of the game mostly. I'm not here to talk about 6th ed, at least not today. Today I'm talking about the tournament Wienas just ran. (link to past post) It was a 5th edition tournament and I decided to go out with a bang and play my tyranids. Wienas' Recap and breakdown

I knew I was going to have a hard time against some of the tougher lists/players by bringing my Nids, but I went to have fun. I was playing to win, but not playing competitively. There was a much larger turnout than I expected, as I figured most people wouldn't want to bother playing 5th ed. I saw a lot of new faces, which is always a good thing. I was even surprised as there were 2 other Tyranid players, making 3 out of about 20 players. That's the highest ratio I've seen in a while!

I'm not going to bother you with full battle reports, (also I forgot to take pictures as the day went on) but here's a recap.

My army
Game 1: necrons
Hive tyrant survives!

Game2: Chaos seized.

Landraider and demon prince causing trouble.

Game 3: Dante. 2+ armor save can only do so much

Game 4: Hide and go seek from blood angles, neither wanted to commit

I had a draw against a fine gal from bloomington that plays necrons, then I got my face bashed in by Kharn the betrayer and tons of berzerkers. I pulled out a victory against Dante and his sanguine guard, and finally I tackled mephiston and co for a last game win. Going 2-1-1 for the day, and felt pretty good about it. I didn't win my first two games which I felt I had a good chance at due to my own mistakes (over assaulted against necrons, bad deployment against chaos and then got seized). I ended up winning my last two games, which I came back from getting beat by baiting and making decisive assaults.

I don't really know my ranking for the day, and that is fine with me. I got a small prize for sportsmanship, which always makes me feel good, that people like playing against me. Spag pulled 1st over all, with Nemesis coming in second. The Imperial guard army was raffled away and went to one of the newer guys (sorry I don't remember the name).

It was a great crowd, and I enjoyed the diversity of armies and people we brought in. I know it at least stretched from Bloomington to Lafayette. There were bitz as a door prize for everyone, and tons of items raffled away. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of other peoples armies, hopefully some else snapped a few and we can get them up.

I had truly forgotten how much fun it was to play my Tyranids. Not to sound full of myself, but I felt like I pulled out my victories by my skill and 6 years of experience playing tyranids. Playing Table quarters in 3 of my 4 games, with an army that has amazing board control was great. I was also able to pull the final hit with my tyrant almost each game. The only game where my my Hive Tyrant died was against Chaos where I took a Kharn to the face. (btw, Ws 8 means nothing against always hitting on 2+, UGH!). I think that was the only game my Tervigon died in as well.

And now that 5th ed is finally fully behind us, I guess it is time for me to start playing 6th. For now my tyranids are being placed on the shelf, as I finish painting them up. For 6th, I think it may be time to try something new. Stay posted!


  1. Gravemind,

    I believe Tyranids are really strong in 6th. Austin who placed 4th in the general ranking I believe has a great list that is going to be tough to beat. His idea is such,

    3 guant squads with 3 tervigons. He takes Biomancy on all and if you get iron arm your tervigons are practically invincible.

    He also takes 9 hive guard which rock in 6th with the hullpoints and vehicles not being able to hide behind terrain. This is a great base of an army. When I played a test game aginst him he also took 3 units of 2 biovores which did wonders with the barrage ability to snipe where you want wounds taken from first. He also had the swarmlord and another tyrant which I feel Swarmie was a waist of points, but I guess if he gets iron arm his is beast as well.

    Of course eldar runes or warding rape the psyhic abilitie of this army but it is a tough list and tyranids got better in 6th! I promise! I wouldn't put them on the shelf yet. And double devourer tyrants are great! Glad you had fun.

    1. The problem with Biomancy on Tervis is if you lose Catalyst it kind of sucks. If you could choose powers, shit yes but you can't and losing FNP (even though it's weaker) without having a 100% chance to get the FNP/IWND or Iron Arm powers isn't that great.

      Everything else though = tick :P.

  2. Your win in game 3 was most definitely skill. That combined with some amazing spawning rolls turned a game I thought I had to one that was far out of reach. Dante whiffing 6 times on the charge didnt hurt :). Great game and great sportsman. Good luck in 6th and you can plan on seeing my IG/BAs again for some more great games!

    Oh and grats spag and Nem. Good showings on both sides.

  3. @Newbreed, oh ya, having some good luck always helps. 2+ with fnp always scares me cause I have so few ways of dealing with it.

    @spag, I'm not really saying Tyranids got worse, but I really don't feel they got as good as they deserve. That coupled with what I realized what I enjoyed the most was manipulating the assaults to my favor which is practically gone in 6th. They just won't play the way I liked anymore.

    I've heard everyone talking about biomancy list, and personally it sounds fun, but not competitive. I don't like random, I want consistent. I'd have to try and roll and get the ones I want, I'd have to try and get past any defense (which I feel there will/should be a lot of at a tournament.) Plus I don't have the models, and really don't feel like spending more money on them at the moment.

  4. Replies
    1. New armies take money, but I've been considering it. They were actually my second army, but I sold off what I had before I ever played them, didn't have the money then to commit to a new army.

  5. @TheGraveMind: I'm glad you had a good time. I had a great time running the event. I'm working on posting the standings now, along with some pics.

    Hopefully, we can see everyone again at our 500-point "intro to 6th" event (date to be determined).

    1. Glad you enjoyed running it, that's a win-win. linked the post at the top.
      500points, I'll be waiting for it.


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