Monday, July 2, 2012

Knocking Down The Flying Circus

by SandWyrm

So Spag, who has been playing 6th all weekend, called today to get ideas on how to knock down a Fateweaver Flying Circus (We have a LOT of Daemon players around here.). Here's my solution:

I agree with Stelek that Hydras by themselves aren't going to cut it. As they represent a single-point-of-failure when fighting a Circus. So let's use all of the um... gifts... that GW has given us to solve this problem. You do have space left on the credit card after buying the new rulebook, right? Good thing Spag and I have most of this already. All I need to do is proxy a Quad Gun.

This Allied Detachment has been added into my Sang Guard list, but you'll get the idea. The Allies and Fortifications are 405 points in total.
225 Dante

210 Sanguinary Guard Squad w/1 x Infernus Pistol
220 Sanguinary Guard Squad w/2 x Infernus Pistol
220 Sanguinary Guard Squad w/2 x Infernus Pistol
220 Sanguinary Guard Squad w/2 x Infernus Pistol
220 Sanguinary Guard Squad w/2 x Infernus Pistol

Fast Attack
140 2 x Land Speeder w/Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta
140 2 x Land Speeder w/Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta

Allied Imperial Guard HQ
70 Primaris Psyker

Allied Imperial Guard Troops
85 Veteran Squad w/3 x Flamer

Allied Imperial Guard Heavy Support
150 2 Hydras

50 Aegis Defense Line
50 + Quad Gun

2000 Total


First, convert yourselves some Hydras. Then give your extra wall sets to your favorite Tyrannid player. They'll need 'em.

Next, wall-off the center of your deployment zone with the Aegis and place the Hydras behind it on one side for 4+ cover (pay attention to how you assemble the wall during setup so they'll get 25% coverage, yes it can be done). Then put the Quad gun on the other side. The Vets+Primaris can go in the middle for 2+ cover, or in terrain on an objective somewhere. Don't try and shoot them, just keep their heads down. Their job is simply to sit tight while the rest of your army does it's thing.

According to Spag, flyers don't get actual saves that Fateweaver can re-roll. Just a 5+ that knocks them to the ground with a high-Str hit if they fail. You can then assault or shoot them on your terms.

Price List:
Qty Price Model Sub-Total
3 $29.75 Aegis Defense Line $89.25
2 $37.25 Chimera $74.50
1 $15.00 Primaris Psyker $15.00
1 $29.00 Imperial Guard Box (10) $29.00
5 $1.60 IG Flamer Bitz - eBay $8.00

Total: $215.75

Have fun!

BTW: If you buy all of this, you'd better hope Circuses don't fall out of style, get comp-banned, or nerfed by a FAQ later. If I was GW, I'd delay releasing the missile launcher upgrade costs to Skyfire too. Because the really desperate players will be buying solutions right now. :)


  1. All the flying stuff is really giving me heartburn right now. With out them I can update an army for 6th for around 50 bucks. With them it's going to cost substantially more.

    Does anybody know when or if other units besides the hydra are going to get skyfire.

    The missile launcher entry in the appendix lists a Flakk missle. Of course that's just imperial missile launchers. Other race's missiles don't have a line for it.

    1. Locally, the opinion is that since none of the FAQ's have the 'flakk missile' added to the entry for missile launchers that they don't have them and anyone who says otherwise is creating a 'house rule'.

      How did you come to the conclusion that the changed entry applies to all missile launchers?

      Not trolling here, so please don't be offended.


  2. Best solution so far is if you can field FLyers of your own.. Especially since FMC's don't have the advantage of the sky-fire special rule (Makes nids sad) that the vehicle flyers can use a stormraven or vendetta would go a long way to handling well as giving you an annoying ass flyer of your own to use.

    1. Flying FMC's don't need Skyfire as they can Vector Strike other Flyers... ;)

    2. Yeah, but a S6 hit against an AV12 vehicle doesn't really strike me as a good solution... unless you somehow get the Smash rule? Which I don't think you do, since it's not a CC attack...

    3. This has been amended in FAQ1.0 to the BGB(put out at the same time as FAQ 1.1 for the codexes). FMC can now Skyfire if they are swooping.

  3. and the arms races begin.

    sometime in the next 6 months or so we might start seeing balanced armies settling in, and everyone's probably going to take a flyer or two at the least.

    go GW will net at least $300 off of most players that want to remain competitive. I suppose you could get by cheaper if your army has the new Marine flyer, or StormRavens.

    sounds like fun.

    1. Or scratchbuild. I've built one of these, I can see some more in the future:

      (I can also see my kids' school club introducing a "no flyers" house rule to save everyone money, but obviously that doesn't work for everyone.)

  4. :-) Pay the extra 10 points/Hydra for the Heavy Stub Gun (M-2 Browning :-)) for the extra 3 shots/turn... Yeah, only Str 4, but... So far the only thing I've seen with Skyfire being the Hydras... Kind of annoying, and I guess we'll see how this all works out... I know my "Riflemen" DNs will be pulling AAA duty for me, looking for 6's with a re-roll... Not ideal, but it's what I have...

    1. I have 3 FW quad stubber sabre platforms, I'm waiting tor FW to tell me that they have Skyfire.

  5. Definitely looking at some vendettas (magnetized so I can run them as valks in a yet un-built IG army) for my Astral Claws, still not sure how I'll run my primary detachment (debating rhinos vs razorbacks, min size vs 10 man, what heavy weapons, what special weapons, pretty much all I do know is I'm going to try out a thunderfire and a librarian to start).

  6. Don't forget the heavy bolter's for a whopping 14 shots at bs 3

  7. No offense, but any current variation of FMC Daemon armies are just knee-jerk "look what I can do!" type things working on pure shock and awe of the edition change. It's 1400 points for 5 MCs, only one of which is actually threatening in combat, while the other four are roughly equivalent to a MM/HB Land Speeder in terms of shooting. The fact that you cannot kill them (and you absolutely can kill them) does not mean they're going to kill you.

    It's nothing compared to what you're going to see when people start getting their Air Cavalry armies squared away, or properly leverage the Allies rules, or discover the most efficient ways to utilize the new Psychic powers (hi, Divination/Telepathy!)


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