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Something Wicked This Way Comes - Allies

by Anonymous Foodie
Ferris Wheel... of Doom!!!

Welcome one and all to the Something Wicked segment, recently instituted by yours truly to show off all of my new pretties!!  Or at least the ones you haven't seen yet.
Consider this to be a new Conversion Corner installment, which will not only give me a false sense of real life accomplishment by making me think other people care about the silly amount of time I sometimes spend on little plastic toys, but it may just help me actually *spend* that time, instead of thinking just how cool it would be to see the finished product.

With the advent of 6th and the inclusion of allies, the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith has made some new friends.  Some very doomy friends indeed.  Heh.  I made a pun.

I lean like a chollo

Meet the Painseer.  Because Farseers are just too craftworldy.  My original idea was to have this guy on foot, joined to my Archon/Incubi unit.  Fortune the squad, add an annoyingly hard to kill character with a few decent attacks, and Doom the intended target.

A number of things went wrong, unfortunately.  Of course, after I'd already built the model.  For starters, when checking to make sure that the allied troops could still hold objectives, I realized that even Battle Brothers can't catch a ride with each other.  So much for that idea.  But at least I can give him a zippy bike, and tag along beside the squad to fortune them before they hit combat...

... except that Fortune only works on Eldar units, per the codex.

Ah well... he can still fortune himself (and as a lone biker, he'll need it), Doom things (great for a S3 character), and add the hands-down best psychic defense in the game.

Of course, where would an allied Seer be without his own loyal minions?  Enter Pathfinders.

Using 3 guns to kit-bash one rifle isn't excessive, right?
Who doesn't love a scoring, long range unit that will still most likely be rocking a 2+ cover save?  Not to mention that they're one of the best sniper units in the game, especially with the new Precision Shot rules.
I actually intended to use a unit of six, but had to shave it down to five due to points concerns.  If the Farseer ends up drawing less fire than expected, I could drop Fortune (and Spirit stones) to bulk this squad out by another couple of members.

And as an extra-special surprise, I'll be answering the question that you're all dieing to ask - What does your list look like now that 6th ed is upon us and we can chuck grenades all willie-nillie like??!!?

Archon, Djin Blade, Shadowfield, Combat Drugs, Soul Trap

5x Incubi, Raider
4x Trueborn, 4x Blaster, Venom with Add Splinter Cannon and Night Shield

10x Warriors, Sybarite, Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Raider
10x Warriors, Sybarite, Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Raider
10x Wyches, Hekatrix with Power Ax and Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Raider

Fast Attack
5x Scourges, 2x Haywire Blaster
6x Reaver Jetbikes, 2x Heat Lance

Heavy Support
Ravager, Night Shield
Ravager, Night Shield

Allied Contingent
Farseer, Eldar Jetbike, Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding
5x Pathfinders

Total: 1999
KP: 18

Essentially the same list I've been running with a few changes.  First, I dropped the flubby units that I was taking just to take, to make room for units that will (hopefully) destroy and/or melt faces.  Or both.

Archon has traded his Huskblade in for a Djin Blade.  I figure if I'm going to try to Soul Trap (and I am, oooooh I am) the extra attacks will be better than insta-kill with the likelihood of 2+ armor hitting more IC's.  Plus it's cheaper.  Granted it could try to eat me, but no guts no glory, right?

The Hekatrix (wych sgt) has dropped the agoniser in favor of a power axe.  True, I go from I6 to I1, but I get a bump to S4 which is typically just as good or better than wounding on a 4+.  I also get the benefit of +1S drugs if I roll them up.  Also, another points-saver option to make room for the Phantasm Launcher, giving the squad Defensive Grenades, aka bonus cover to help against Overwatch hits.  Who knew charging through cover would actually be beneficial to Wyches?  Fleet allowing the re-roll of any/all charge dice makes even the difficult terrain test fairly reliable at 6-7".

I've left the Razorwing Stock with Lances to act as my anti-aircraft device.  After that it's a mixed bag of pseudo-awkward hand holding between S6 large blasts and lance shots, but I like it better than trying to take an AA mount.  Depending on the frequency of enemy flyers, I may end up swapping it out for a third Ravager and some other shinies.

Night Shields have come to prevalence thanks to both the inbuilt jink save and increased odds of Night Fight being in effect.  I don't feel that flickerfields are moot by any means, as they still work in combat and against the odd weapon that will ignore cover, but for the most part I think the Jink will suffice without causing points to skyrocket. 

As always, comments welcome and appreciated.


  1. What does Guide say about a target? Strictly eldar, or can I still guide my Tau?

    1. I didn't look at guide since I wasn't planning on using it, but it's worth checking before writing a list. Farseers are obviously better in a heavy-Eldar list, if you want to go crazy on powers. I'm definitely going to see if I can get away without fortune, as having two powers and stones make him cost *well* over my Archon.

    2. No you can't guide Tau. All the buff spells are restricted to "Eldar" units. I would suggest that applies to the Eldar race as a whole though, not just the Craftworld kin (i.e. Harlequins and Dark Eldar are still 'Eldar').

      Wouldn't a venom blade be the best option for the Archon now, if you're aiming for wound saturation instead of blasting through his saves? Or why not take a power AND a venom blade and just pick which one you want to use depending on the opponent? Bunch of Orks? Pull out the venom blade! Some dude in artificer armour? Cleave his skull in with the axe!

    3. Eldar and Dark Eldar are, for game purposes, completely separate. It's the same difference between Codex: Space Marine units and Dark Angel units... yes, Dark Angels are still space marines, but powers that affect Codex: Space Marine units won't carry over.

      As for the second point, it depends what you're looking at/trying to do. There are still plenty of armies that either can't take a 2+, or for various reasons won't want to (Ork mega-armor, for example, gives you a great save but at a further in-game cost... worth it? Possibly, depends how mobile you want your Warboss). Ignoring 3+ and up is still going to be a great ability. Further, if you *do* get that soul trap and bump to S6, then going crazy with a power weapon through the rank and file becomes a slaughterfest of epic proportions.

      As far as Venom vs Djin - it's a bit of a toss up. Not only does the Djin Blade give you a power weapon, it gives you a power weapon with 2 bonus attacks in addition to everything else. Considering also the potential of Doom to be in effect, making a re-roll of a 2+ rather marginal, and a re-roll of a 4-5+ incredibly useful.

      Of course, the potential backlash of the Djin blade can be detrimental, especially if you do get to S6+ with it - one reason I was really hoping to start using Fortune on my HQ unit.

      All that said, the option of taking multiple CCW's to pick and choose your rules became all the sweeter now that you can trade in your pistol and just toss a grenade instead... BS7 S4 AP4 Blast? That sounds right about nice, don't you think?

    4. With the Farseer powers it seems like people are reading it different ways.
      Check out the Forge World corsairs lists - it lets you take Corsairs, Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar all in the same list.
      They also have powers (on the Void Dreamer) that are worded in the same way (targetting only "Eldar" units) and obviously it'd apply to any of your units, not just corsairs, so it's referring to the race not the codex.

      A S4 blast is definitely better than a pistol although I'd often not shoot either before charging if the ranges are tight. I love the idea of using phantasm launchers to gain a better cover save when charging through cover, that's awesome.

    5. Ok, since I don't have access to the Eldar Codex right now, I just want to clarify: Even though Battle Brothers, like the Tau Empire and Eldar, count as friendly units for targeting psychic powers, the Eldar Codex specifically says that the powers can only target Eldar units, right?

    6. Correct TheNeverThere. Each buff power in the codex states '... targets one Eldar unit within...'

      As to whether Dark Eldar count as Eldar for the purpose of this, I'd have to go with a big fat no. Although the Farseer is 'casting' the power, something like guide or fortune, which both basically allow the firer to see into the future a few seconds to improve aim/avoid incoming fire, its got to be understood that the actual unit is doing the 'Farseeing'. you can't expect a Farseer to be shouting 'Jump out the way.... NOW!' to 20 individual guardians. Given this, and the Dark Eldars mistrust and outright refusal to participate in using Psychic Powers, I'd say fluff wise there would be no chance of them benefiting. Its the natural Psychicness of the Eldar which allows the Farseer to attune there minds to 'farseeing'.

    7. One thing I just noticed I could do is take a Farseer, give him the Divination discipline, and take the Primaris Power Prescience, which is same thing as Guide, but without the codex restriction. Divination also has Misfortune (Doom), and Precognition (combine Guide, Fortune, and re-roll To Wound).

      To be honest, Divination is looking pretty boss right now.

  2. Go foodie. I would love to get in a game with you sometime. When do you guys play up there now?

    1. Monday nights is the standard, although I've recently taken a job working 2nd shift, so I've only made it to one in the past month. I'll be changing jobs later this week though (I'm such a reliable employee), so my gaming schedule should be back on track soon.

  3. As you've seen, most of the Farseer's powers apply to Eldar only BUT he does get access to Divination, which is the Eldar psychic tree. These powers buff all friendly units, which your Dark Eldar units are.

    For my DE lists, I'm adding a Farseer with 3 powers to swap for Divination, and then a fairly heavy shooting list. You can put the Farseer with a DE unit, just not on a DE boat (SADFACE), so I'm either going to give him some Grotesques as a bodyguard, or some Warriors/Trueborn. Regardless, he'll be at the centre of the action, buffing two units a turn (or debuffing enemies, as Divination has some powerful debuffs).

    I thought about jetbikes for mobility, but never thought about putting him with Reavers. That may be a good solution as well.

    1. Exactly this. Any Eldar army that has Battle Brother-level Allies would be insane not to trade in their powers for rolls on Divination. Not only do you get powers that you can actually use on your allies, in most cases they're also far better. Foreboding and Perfect Timing can be game-changers, while Misfortune is full-on nuts.

  4. I'm often the last one there at the GP North on Mondays, and thus regularly "looking for game." Getting more gamers up there would be great!

  5. Dont you need 2 troops for allies? (tyranids dont get them so I'm not sure) I would look it up but my rulebook isn't with me.

    A.- What do you play? can you hit 2k I will be happy to get a game with you next monday. (7/16) I have the day off so we can meet up there anytime you'd like

  6. Min one HQ, one troops, can add one more troop and one each of Fast, Heavy, Elite.

  7. Yeah I got that as soon as I came home and looked.

    Can I ask you a question though, not picking fights but why the night shield on the venom? Do you play on going tank hunting with it? the blasters suggest that you are. Would it be better to take that off and use the points somewhere else?

    Also I'm curious what's more survivable a plain vanilla raider or a venom with nigh shield/ flicker field. Point run some numbers for me and let me know which one is better or takes more hits assuming the same variables.

    Effectively you also only have 3 troops. Yes I know pathfinders can hold objectives but 5 guys on an objective are easy to get off. Are you worried at all about holding points or are you planning the old school "I hold one point and contest all others?"

    1. Looking at my list, I basically put Night Shields on the vehicles that are (almost) guaranteed to start on the board. While (after further reading) Night Shields probably *don't* count toward Night Fight (but feel free to correct me guys!), with pre-measuring in I think the subtle difference of 6" will allow for some more deployment options (primarily useful for turn one in most cases).

      It's something I'm testing - I may end up dropping them (hey, it's another Pathfinder), but I want to get a few games of 6th under my belt before I make any big decisions.

      As far as survivability, the Night Shield is *extremely* difficult to factor in on a "by the numbers" scenario. Either it will do nothing for you, or it will *completely nullify* any would-be damage. Although, in the case of Melta/Rapid fire, it can have a tiered effect.
      So for the purpose of ease, let's ignore the Night Shield (since it's an add-on anyway, that can go on either vehicle). Since skimmers of all shapes and sizes now benefit from a 5+ Jink, at first glance both vehicles have the same protection (assuming you moved).

      Here, though, is where the Flickerfield comes in handy.
      It's an Inv save - you get it at all times... against weapons that ignore cover (hello, IG), against Immob tests, against *close combat attacks*, and on turns where you weren't able to move (stunned results = dead transports next turn).

      If you really wanted to take all of these things into consideration, you'd need a full page of Excel spreadsheet work. The short version is the Raider is probably going to be more survivable in 60-70% of scenarios due to the extra Hull Point (ie, all other things being equal). As soon as you become stunned for a turn (or Immob'd), or come against a weapon that ignores cover, the FF on the Venom shines... of course, even then many of these weapons that ignore cover have a lower strength, which means more likelihood of a glance, in which case again the extra HP is helpful.

      Short-short answer: It's a hot mess. Pick your transport based on what gun you want it to have.

      Finally, Pathfinders. It's worth noting that I shaved 50 points off of the Farseer and will be running him with bikes... the 'finders are now up to 7. Still not huge, granted, but remember that they're one of the few units that will still be enjoying a 2+ cover save (3+ on a bad, bad day). They're stupid resilient vs shooting, and weak to enemy assault - which means don't just put them in a corner and wait for the wolf scouts to out-flank. They'll still need support, like any other troop. 10 DE warriors aren't exactly hard to push around either (not much harder than Guard... and with the right orders, easier), but them's the breaks.

  8. You know, you could always attack him to your Reavers if you wanted.

  9. SO 4 raiders, 1 venom, 6 bikes. . .These are really easy targets to chew through. ALTHOUGH your heavy support section kind of scares me >_<

    What would you put in instead of the farseer and rangers? I just look at it like this.
    -Are you taking the farseer for the anti-powers? OR
    -Are you taking him as a unit and to add pathfinders?

    If his powers wont work on your guys is it worth buying them if all he is being used for is runes??

    1. Doom doesn't target friendly units, now, does it?

    2. Not asking that. How's doom written? Some of the eldar powers are "eldar models may. . ." If doom is written "friendly models may re-roll" then you are fine otherwise it wont work :-( sadface.


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