Monday, July 2, 2012

A Question For Those Who Bought The Space Marine Codex eBook...

by Sandwyrm

Does your "Fully Updated For 6th" codex list the skyfire missiles as an option for your missile launchers?

The answer to that question will decide whether GW is just being forgetful in the FAQs or is playing us (The Competitive Community) for sales. Since the casual players will just use the weapon entry in the 6E rulebook regardless of what the FAQ actually says.


  1. Ahh hah!

    No wonder you guys are popular!

  2. yeah. We were wondering if the Missile Launcher updates that are listed in the Rulebook, like the Flak missiles, were omitted perhaps "accidentally on purpose" to allow people to purchase flyers and AA stuff. Then in 6-9 months, after the purchasing slows down a bit, the FAQ comes out, revealing that all missile launchers can fire Flak missiles.

    not that anything about the new rules seems to be possibly sales motivated.

    I'm not trying to assert that flyers, Fortifications, and allies aren't cool. They are.

  3. I'm searching IA books in the corner now... just for fun...


  4. This is part of a bigger question, I think, since I was also wondering whether the codex had receive the new edition FAQ update at all. If that is the case, I'm somewhat impressed, even though it should be a relatively simple process. In reality, I imagine in will take at least a few weeks for those changes to make it to the eBook. I'm personally wondering if GW will commit to codex updates on a certain timeline. Additionally, I've noticed that it has been 5 weeks since this codex dropped and since, nothing, which is pretty discouraging when you consider the text, images, and 360 views are all completed for most of the codexes, so building the ebook is literally a drag and drop process. I'm frustrated Codex: Space Marines is the only one available, considering its a rather old book that is likely to be replaced relatively soon.

    Time will tell.

    1. They advertised it as being "Fully updated for 6th". With, for example, an entry for the Stormtalon that mentions Skyfire. Which is why I asked the question. It shouldn't require a FAQ or an update if it's already updated.

      I know we had at least one commenter when it was released that bought it. Where are they? :(

    2. I don't recall them mentioning 6th with the ad copy for the digital releases, as it was released before they ever acknowledged 6th was coming. That said, I didn't buy it ($40 is a bit salty for a book thats almost 5 years old and can be had on ebay for nada) so I don't know if its up to date.


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