Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Battle Reports: Hornet-Zilla vs. Nid Swarms

by SandWyrm

Who says that insects don't use tactics?

Thanks to MarshalWilhelm for the cool links in his comment to an otherwise forgettable BoLS post.
First up, in a startling preview of the new Grey Knights codex, an elite force of 30 Japanese Hornets wipes out a colony of 30,000 European Honey Bees so they can eat the Bees' larvae. Yum!

Next up, the native Bees show us how to take down a Grey Knight Paladin properly:

And finally, a more even match of Hornet on Hornet:



  1. And the moral of the story is... Choke points!

    I learned about this in my Insect class, it is a common bee defense against wasp/hornet attacks. When they make inside the hive, the bee's will evacuate out, and cover their hive to cook the inside.

  2. speaking of choke points. i do rather hate when those are made, and im forced into a hole. good tactic.

  3. I thought the moral of the second story here was:

    ZERG RUSH!!!

    those are some friggin huge hornets.

    the first one, GK termies mowing down grots was brutal.
    The Zerg rush was pretty cool.

    cool stuff

  4. Amazing how brutal some real world insect colonies can be.. Nids are almost a joke by comparison =p
    Absolutely terrifying

  5. It's stuff like this that makes me want to break out the Nids...

  6. Those were some really cool videos. Remind me not to mess with any giant hornets any time soon.

  7. And the funny things is, I read in an interview a while back that Tyranids were intended to be more reptilian than bug-like back when they were first established.


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