Thursday, March 3, 2011

You can't fly a tank fool!

By TheGraveMind
The A-Team know How to fly a tank. They might be Blood Angels!

So I've spent nearly all day on my second storm raven. It is the new kit that I've had sitting around because I've had no reason to assemble it. 6 hours and a tube and a half of super glue later I've made some progress. Nothing as grand as I was hoping... Seeing as I got so mad at it I threw it at the floor and broke some pieces. I also can't feel my finger tips as I have so much super glue on them.

This brings me to my next step, weapons. I'm wondering what everyone's opinions are on the weapon layout for a Storm raven?
I've seen so far most people taking Multi melta and lascannon
I've considered
Multi-melta and Assault cannon for charging the enemy position and being in short range.
Typhoons and Lascannon for back field long range fire support
Typhoons and Plasma cannon giving me three possible blast markers and versatile anti-tank/MC/infantry
The problem is the Typhoons cost an extra 25 points and take the multi-melta's spot.

So what are everyone else's thoughts? There are plenty of melta guns in my list, but the only other choice besides multi melta for that slot is typhoon upgrade, and then I'd have to find the points.


  1. You don't want to trade lascannon blows with people, they will wreck the AV12.
    Equipping it as a long-ranged gunboat means it can't deliver units to the enemy's doorstep which seems like the whole point. I'd give it weapons that work with that role.

    Blasts are kind of pointless given assault troops are already anti infantry. Melta and assault cannons will help you to open up enemy cans and expose the troops inside to your assault squads so I'd go that route.

  2. Use them like you would use your vendettas/valks. Use melta and assault and go in direct to open up a can of W.A. :)

  3. I use mine as gunboats...typhoon ml, tl-las, hurricanes...

    I run 3 supported by speeders.

    I can get my dreads and deathstars into cc no problem. The hvy weapons just make it easier...

    Extra Armor is a MUST. Stupid why it didn't come standard.

  4. I've used mine as pure hurasment, flying just outside of their range peppering with fire. Only jumping out the Dread for the final blow.

  5. I've always run mine with the close in options, MM/AC because it's really just there to deliver the DC DN and the DC directly into close combat... Though really the longer range stuff would probably not be a bad option on the off chance you survive the delivery of the cargo... 'course, magnets are your friend here...

  6. The best tactic I have found when playing a Stormraven list (1500-2500)- run 3 Stormravens with 3 squads of MM/HF Speeder x2 or 3 squads of Typhoon/HF Speeder x3 support.
    Reserve ALL.

    The incoming turn alpha strike is immense. With 6 reserve units you will get 3 in one turn...

    Horde gives you a little trouble but that is what the 3 Furioso's are for...

  7. oh yes, I am magnetizing it all, don't worry about that.

    Sandman, 3 SR, 3 typhoon squads and 3 furioso? that sounds wickedly awesome! Now I just need to get the models for it.

  8. Do Stormravens get the power of the machine spirit trait?

  9. Yes they do, thats what makes them so awesome!

  10. Some friends use T-L MM and T-L LC, with and without hurri-bolters. It's good at tank/MC-hunting, but not a lot else.

    T-L MM, T-L Plasmacannon and hurri-bolters is a pretty good set-up. You cna hurt pretty much everything with it, vehicles, MCs, TEq, MEq, GEq... With PotMS you can also bust tanks AND bust infantry.

    The hurri-bolters seem expensive, but when you need the anti-infantry, 2 rapid-firing hurribolters and a plasma-cannon shot hurt most things.

  11. I would never glue on optional weapons anymore. At least play some games before making the call.

    I'm even magnetizing my Vendettas because you never know what the next edition is going to do to the way the game is played. Probably double the points cost and change it from a skimmer to some half-asses flying thing. 3rd-4th-5th editions have all been similar compared to the jump from RT and 2nd. We are due for a change everything about the game rewrite, whether we want it or not...

  12. I'm not a Marine player (nor do I play one on TV) but I'd think that if I were doing it, I'd go MM/AC. Maybe with the Hurricane's. MS the MM into a tank, and blast away at some infantry.

    You're generally planning to get close with it, so close-ranged weapons seem fitting.

    That said, it really depends on what you need in your list.

  13. Can I ask a clarifying question on your statement "a tube and a half" of superglue?

    Are you really using super glue for the entire model?

    The reason I ask is that SG is a fairly brittle bond and as plastic can flex (especially in a drop), you end up incurring more damage than you have to.

    If that is what you're using, you might consider getting some of the plastic "weld" products (I use Tenax 7R, goofy name, great product). They greatly accelerate the building process because of their instant bonding properties and actually give plastic models a stronger bond than SG.

    However, these products are only for plastic-to-plastic joins.

  14. Yes I'm using super glue for it all. I've used plastic glue in the past, let me explain.
    1. I do a lot of conversions and I don't feel like having to buy two or three kinds of glue and switching out for each material I use.
    2. GW converted half of my tyranid line into metal models
    3. I had to rip off all of the arms of most of my tyranids. I have a box of ruined tyranid bitz because my orginal models were glued with plastic glue, and the weld wouldn't let the pieces go. Super glue is fine enough, but gives before my model.

    I'm banking on the fact that GW will attempt to screw me over again, And I may have to one day tear apart some models. Fool me once, shame on you, after 20+ gaunts and 5 warriors, shame on me.

  15. If I were to run Stormravens in my Blood Angels army I would run them with MM and AC.

    The raven isn't sturdy enough to warrant a points investment beyond its already considerable one, so maximizing free weapon upgrades would be my personal choice.

    A Raven moving flat out can still fire a single gun via PotMS, a melta is never a bad idea to have on a av12 (with cover from flat-out) boat. You can snipe transports and remain fairly survivable. You can even skies of blood, snipe a transport with the raven and hurt the guys inside with its cargo.

    The AC is strong anti-infantry weapon to soften up or finish off a particularly dangerous, or objective holding unit.

  16. I would go MM/AC. I say this because as a Marine player, I know that you can not hit the broad side of a barn with Lascannons. I mean it, I know it to be true when after returning from a tournament, thouroughly trounced...I counted my missed TL lascannon shits from my Dreads. my third game alone. Oh, and by the way, they were all on snake eyes...stupid lascannons!


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