Monday, March 28, 2011

Saltire 3-26-11 Tournament Results

by Spaguatyrine

I recieved this email from Steve Bradford. The TO that ran the tournament last weekend. I found the tournament to be fun, competitive, and really kind of relaxing.  Saltire has a nice gaming area and great places to eat within walking distance.  If you are on the east side, this is the place to be.

Steve Wrote:

Scoring was by win/draw/loss ratings, with a tie breaker being the kill point (1 point each) / objective (3 points each) sum

1st - Aaron(Spaguatyrine) with 3 wins, 29 kill points, and 5 objectives held for 44 points ($45 award)
2nd - Justin(Dodger3) with 3 wins, 32 kill points, and 2 objectives held for 38 points ($35 award)
3rd - Luke with 2 wins / 1 loss, 22 kill points, and 4 objectives held for 34 points ($25 award)

token collector (and 4th place at 24 points) - Patrick with 7 tokens awarded for painting and sportsmanship by other players ($15 award)

some other stats…

total players : 12
total kill points for the day : 196
total objectives grabbed : 25
games ending with one player being tabled : 5

18 games played with :
14 wins
8 draws
14 losses

no player lost all their games, 2 players won all their games

i've got full rankings and more stats if anyone wants them...


  1. It was well run tournament. I'm not sure how useful the two list concept was. I built a low KP secondary list for just the annihilation mission, and ended up using my standard list anyway. I did use my second list after I was out of the running.

  2. i wasn't sure how the 2 list thing would work out either, but over half the players used both lists at some point in the day. it was hoped that with 2 lists people would have less to complain about regarding missions, and also break up any potential boredom of having to use the same list all day long.

  3. I thought the two list thing was ok. I didn't capitalize on it as much as I could have.

    I honestly didn't feel like dragging out giant Sisters power armor blobs of DOOM! I wonder how well they'd eat Thundercav.

    The tournament ended up with a fairly top end competitive group.

  4. Very cool concept. What if your opponent was able to choose your list for you in a game, and if you didn't like the list he picked you would loose first turn, or you had to roll randomly. Very interesting.


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