Friday, March 25, 2011

Shiny new armors

by: farmpunk

I got my first game in the other night with the new and shiny GK book. Anonymous Foodie was willing to take on the Shiny Men. I perused the new book, and looked at the troops options, and looked at what I own...

and thought. Yep. Purifiers as troops. Now I've got to figure out how to make Castellan Crowe work for me.

Now Spaguayrine's put up some of his musings about building a GK list. They're good, but I like more bodies, and I really like the idea of rhinos as mobile bunkers. (I mean, Sisters ARE my first army, and they rarely get out of the van.)

I didn't know what foodie might bring, and wanted to have something that could take on a variety of opponents.

I figured Purifiers as troops would be able to put out the shooting I want, as well as pack some Close Combat punch. The tradeoffs vs. normal GK's were going to be:

GKSS's are a little cheaper. 4pts cheaper. 6pts cheaper than a Purifier Halberdieer. I could put more wounds into my squads, and not have to use a HQ choice for Crowe. GKSS's need 10 to get 2 psycannons, which hampers points flexibility a bit.

Purifiers get 2 attacks base, which is sweet, fearless, and they get halberds cheaper. All for not many more points. I like halberds because:
1. I've got quite a few old GK's with Halberds
2. Who wouldn't rather poke the enemy first with their expensive power-weapon wielding dudes?
3. for 2 more points? sign me up!

overall, the pluses for Purifiers seem to outweigh the Crowe 'tax' as people call it.

I didn't bring full-on gonzo GK's to the party, I added some bodies to the squads to get up to 7 purifiers, and some Psybolt ammo (which I don't think is necessary either) I thought playing an ultra-elite, fearless force would be nice.

gah. Purifiers are sick and wrong. esp. when you stick some halberds in there for extra poke-in-the face action. They did Om-nom-nom shoot and stab down DE warriors.
Even Crowe chewed his way through a Reaver Jetbike squad. He's a CC meanie.

so then how do I plan on running GK's? (since I have them?)

Purifiers (2psycannon, 2 Halberds, 1 DH, rhino) 189pts.
a nice bunkerbox. I'll take 5.

945 pts.

Since I need Crowe... That goes up to 1095pts.

Add in two Psyflemen Dreads.. 1365pts.

leaving us with 135pts.

I could go back and switch all the rhinos to razorbacks, for 10pts more each. I kind of like the idea of only getting out of my transports if I need to, or have to. Even though I'm pretty good in CC, I want the army in a box. you've got to hit my tanks with anti-tank fire rather than hit my GK's with the same AT fire.

I could get a GKSS to sit on a home objective, or bump up each of the 5 squads to 6 men.
I could get an assassin, for some kills. I'd have to drop some hammers to get a Vindicare or callidus...
I could make my Dreads Venerable.
I could also get an inquisitor with some neat-o gadgets to shoot, and henchmen to boot.
I could even go with Coteaz and some warm bodies to hunker down on a home objective. nah. I think if I get silly with coteaz I'm going to want more than 1 unit of henchmen.

we'll look at 2 inquisitors.
Daemohunter inquisitor, w/ termie armor, psycannon - 80pts. nice. relentless psycannon.55pts left over. I could throw some warm bodies with him for added wounds and fun.
Xenos inquisitor, Conversion beamer -70pts. throw 3 warrior henchmen on him for 12pts, and you've got points for a Rhino. or even better, a psyammo razorback, for Crowe to ride in.
the xenos inquisitor's going to hide in cover with her 3 meatshields, and blast away with her beam.

I think I like the Xenos option, but I'll have to play around with it. Crowe MIGHT be ok running behind the wall of armor.

anyway.. it ends up looking like this:

Crowe -150pts
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w/conversion beamer, Servo Skull - 73pts
   3 acolytes - 12pts
Razorback w/psybolt ammo -50pts

5x Purifiers (2psycannon, 2 Halberds, 1 DH, rhino) - 189pts ea.

2x Riflemen Dreads w/psybolt ammo - 135pt ea

now I need to get a couple more boxes of GK's, and a razorback, and convert some Armor sentinels to hold TL AC's. Then maybe sometime next year I'll have this ready to play.....just in time for the new Sisters of Battle book.


  1. I really don't see the point of the Inquisitor. He can't shoot out of the Razorback, and his unit isn't scoring. So why have a minimum squad sitting in the backfield?

    I'd bump up the number of Purifiers in each squad and/or take some hammers. Or take some of those pretty Termies you have as troops. :)

  2. Crowe borrows the razorback. since he can't shoot anyway, razorback is fine.

    the Conversion beamer gets better with range, so you'll want her sitting in the back somewhere.

    after looking, I think I'd drop bolters from the henchmen, and get a servo-skull to reduce scatters from the beamer blast.

  3. Or give them flamers to deal with Wolf Scouts and Snikrot.

  4. The Cowards! They hide in their metal boxes!!

    I kind of want to play my Jumpers list against the new GK, but my assault marines keep trying to explain to me the concept of Init 6 power weapons, and how they now want to requisition storm shields.

  5. People still play with Snikrot?

  6. flamers? where am I getting 10pts per flamer from?

    I think if my opponenent's using outflankers, the Xenos is going to sit in the middle, and if they've got rear-entry outflankers, she's just going to have to go to 13" in from a corner.

    the 3 warm bodies are mainly there to unlock a ride for Russel.

  7. Yeah.... Purifiers. As troops.

    I'd say I don't mind being out-shot and out-assaulted by an army that can easily take away my mobility with every single squad it puts on the table... but. You know.

    If I were you, I'd stick with the Rhino's. You want to be able to shoot out of them. Unless you pay points for Psybolt ammo on a heavy bolter, you're better off just opening the hatch and letting your Psycannons let loose. Even if you *do* pay those points, you're arguably better off with the Psycannons anyway. 30" threat range is generally going to be enough.

  8. I'm going to have to agree with Sandwyrm on this one (please understand this is coming from no experience playing as the new Grey Knights, and I only have one game against them). 135 points seems like a heafy load for a conversion beamer and a transport for Crowe. It just so happens to be the exact cost of a 3rd Dread... This is the precise list I came up with after spending 2 days going over the codex if you make that inquisitor/dread swap (to include loadout on the Purifiers, which is kind of creepy honestly).

    Having seen first hand the power of the cleasning flame power, I'm totally on the Crowe bandwagon. I think there are certainly merits to both the Rhino and Razorback variants so long as they have Purifiers in them.


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