Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ard Boyz in Indy

by Spaguatyrine

Congrats to the winners of all the 'Ard Boys tournies.  Some of the indy winners include....

Winners are in order from 1st to 3rd in order.

Luke, Farmpunk, and Steve from the Northside

Jim, Scottydont, and Eric from Westside

Spaguatyrine, Zach, and MY SON!!!!! from Bloomington

Dustin, Chris, and Paul from the southside

All that being said, I have heard more than a few grumbles about WAAC behavior. I am saddened by this. We shouldn't have to deal with people acting that way. Good luck to all and I will see you in the semi's.


  1. Congrats to everyone who won! Especially your son.

    To be fair, the 'Ard Boyz format encourages WAAC. Not that it excuses being a douche, but there's a reason we don't run our local events this way.

  2. The only thing WAAC related I saw was a guy who (half)jokingly complained that smoke launchers weren't modeled on some Rhinos and thus not WYSIWYG and illegal. Luckily the judge didn't go for it.

  3. See you guys at regionals.

  4. only had 6 players at GP north, which actually made for a pretty relaxed and fun day.

  5. I didn't know who was any other location Muppet.

    Bloomington had 7.

    I won't get into details about WAAC here, but it is out there unfortunately.

    As we at hive fleet indy have tried to get Indianapolis on the map for tournaments. The semi-finals are at Games to die 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is awesome!!! I will post a seperate article for infomration on the store location and times, etc after I speak to the owner

  6. I went up to Lafayette to play at the GP. Greenwood kept saying they didn't have anyone to run it and once they did I had already signed up so I figured I would stick with it and play out of my element. That's awesome that 2D4 is holding semi's. If you guys need tables or terrain let me know.

  7. Nice going all. My semis is in Garden City across the state. I wonder if it's any closer than driving down to Indy...

  8. What armies did each person who placed use?

  9. Green Tide orks:
    Ghaz + 9 Cybork meganobz (x2 combi skorch/x3 komi rokkit)
    Mad Dok + Snikrot and 11 Kommandos (x2 Burnas)

    Nob (PK, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole) + 29 slugga boyz
    Nob (PK, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole) + 29 slugga boyz
    Nob (PK, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole) + 29 slugga boyz
    Nob (PK, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole) + 29 Shoota boyz
    Nob (PK, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole) + 29 Shoota boyz
    x2 Runt Herd + 27 Gretchin (Grot-screen)

    (All Sluggas had x3 rokkits, Shootas x3 Big Shoota)

    X2 Deff Koppta (x2 TL Rokkit, 1 Buzz Saq)

    In hindsight, I had traded out the Battlewagon for the kpttas and more kommandos, since it was a las cannon magnet...but Meganobz are REAL slow without a ride, and susceptible to Jaws...

    The star of the show was mad dok + Snik....that squad reped ahvoc EVERY game, easily whacking the traitor game 1, and I almost close-hatched two rhinos full of space wolves at the same time in turn 2 when the dok came in behind and a 30-boyz slugga boxed them in at the front (one side of the rhinos touching board edge)..but of the 1 pen I got on both, I got immobile and shaken...that was the pivotal round of round 2 vs the eventual winner. I came in 2nd with a massacre and a Major win (150 vp's from another massacre and dethroning his wolves)

  10. At the gp north it was

    1st. my Blood Angels
    2nd. Garret's Grey Knights
    3rd. Steve's Space Marines

  11. At the GP in Lafayette

    1st Grey Knights
    2nd Guard
    3rd Eldar or Chaos Space Marines... Don't remember
    4th Blood Angels and Guard they were tied

    4th place was seperated from 2nd by only 2 or 3 points. It was a very close day for 2nd through 8th. The player who took second was in last place going in to round three.

  12. At the GP in Greenwood

    1st Blood Angels
    2nd Chaos Marines
    3rd Eldar

  13. Bloomington:
    1st Grey Knights
    2nd Space Wolves
    3rd Guard

  14. G2D4:
    1st Daemons
    2nd Space Marines
    3rd Tau


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