Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conversion: PzIII-G to PzIII-L

by SandWyrm

My Panzer III tanks from the Plastic Soldier Company have been getting some disapproving looks lately from the regulars at G2D4 because they don't really look like the "L" versions that I'm using on the field. So I decided to go ahead and convert them properly.

Originally they looked like this:

But the barrels were too short, and the mantlets were way too small. Here's what they should look like:

So now they look like this:

The thick, curved mantlets were built from sections of plastic piping layered together. The guns are PzIV F2 bits with the ends cut off.

They're not perfect, but I think they look pretty reasonable. At least nobody should be scratching their heads when they look at them.

Now if only I can find some more Tamaya desert paint...


  1. Very smart.
    They look much more manly with proper AT guns!

  2. The more I look at Flames of War, the more I keep thinking maybe, just maybe I should try it out.

  3. @Uber

    I really think that once you read the Russian special rules, your inner Ork will fall in love with them.

  4. But what about my Necrons???? Bites lip.....can iI haz cheezeburger??

  5. much does an army cost?

  6. a PSC Soviet Infantry Batallion (390 dudes, around 100 bases of infantry. for around $70.

    then add some tanks, and Rocket batteries.. maybe $200 at most, I'm guessing.

    plus, teh rulebook ist very sexy sexy.

  7. Yeah, The Plastic Soldier Company is a Russian player's best friend. It single-handedly makes the huge horde army one of the cheapest in the game.

  8. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you did this conversion ...

    1. Sorry, but it's not likely that I'll make more. These have now been converted to N's with Shürzen. The L's do a bit better versus infantry, but are actually quite a bit worse versus tanks. Click on the painting topic at right and the painted N's should come up at the top of the list.


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