Friday, February 17, 2012

Indy Open: Almost Here!

by: farmpunk

I'm getting excited about the Indy Open being two weeks away. There are only a few slots left open to register for you slowpokes out there!

We're using an Open Format, with separate scoring for Generalship, and Paint. (there will be prizes for best overall general, as well as for Best Paint.) Then the Renaissance Man, gets the prize for Best all-around scores.

plus, we're giving prizes away for winners of their respective Day2 brackets.
because in Day two, You should be facing people with the same record as you do.
we'll have a bracket of:

That way everyone has a chance to get a prize. Plus, we will be giving a prize for the guy who "takes a licking, and keeps on ticking". yeah. that swell guy who hung in there, despite losing all 6 of his games.

we've got people from all over the US coming to play. like people from:
Lexington, TN
Kansas City, MO
Madison, WI
Woodland, WA (Xaereth)
Minneapolis, MN (Hulksmash)
Conway, SC (11th Co. Podcast)

plus, all of the local Back40K guys will be around, as well as most of our usual adversaries.

should be a great time with good games all around!

so go ahead and follow the links to register for the Indy Open!


  1. If I can get a compatriot to ride in the car with me, I will attend.

  2. Oh man, don't scare me like that! It's two weeks away. . . right? Or is there something wrong with my calendar?

  3. Yes it is exactly 2 weeks away. 14 days and counting!

  4. Phew! Spag said a week away and I about swallowed my tongue. I've got so much stuff to get green stuffed and painted. . .


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