Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2" Smoke Templates For Flames Of War

by SandWyrm

Here's some handy smoke templates that you can print out to represent direct-fire smoke in Flames Of War. Yes, in Flames you get to fire smoke rounds and smoke bombardments. Which is how Farmpunk screws over my Tigers. It doesn't matter what that huge 88mm gun can do if you're blind. :)

Click to enlarge. Then right-click, choose 'Save As...', and print 'em up!

I'm sure I'll be told that the smoke isn't yellow enough for Allied XXX Canisters or something. ;)

Oh, and here's a cool pic of a smoke round going off above a South Korean tank. That's cool!


  1. I am SO HAPPY that you guys are doing the Flames thing!
    *big cheesy grin*

    Sigh...I never get full RoF outta all of my Tigers either (I usually run 3 in my Late War Grenadiers), but I generally spread 'em out enough so that one gets full shots, so that's something.
    And if they're smoking the Tigers, that means my Marders may get to pop something.
    Maybe they'll even make the Stoermtrooper roll, and survive the experience!

  2. P.S.-
    I've pulled my first victim into WoT, and I'll be upgrading to gold and starting da clan.
    I'm well on my way to the jagpanther IV, with a pretty tricked out Stug now.
    You, and Indie, and all you WWPD suckas better practice hard.
    We're gonna come for you.


  3. My new E-75 will be waiting for you. :)


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