Friday, February 17, 2012

The Russians Are Coming!

by SandWyrm

TheNeverThere was at the North Store this past Wednesday; watching as I beat up Farmpunk with my Panzers. He had a little something with him to show off.

His 21 T-34 Battalion Deal had come in from The Plastic Soldier Company.

For $89.00 + Shipping, he now has a 21-Tank 1285 point Mid-War Russian army. And since each tank comes with 2 turrets, he can also use these in late war. Where he can mix and match his options.

I'm looking forward to fighting the swarm! Here's the list I'll use in our first game:


145 - 1iC: Panzer IV F2
100 - 2iC: Panzer IV F1

Combat Platoons

Panzer Platoon
580 - 4 Panzer IV F2

Panzer Platoon
460 - 4 Panzer III L

Total: 1285 Points

For 1285 points, I can only take 10 Panzers. Six Panzer IV's, and four Panzer III L's.

The F2's have the AP11 guns needed to beat up the T-34's at range (with Armor 6, he'll get a 5+ save), but their low frontal armor means that I can't let him get close. The PzIII's have slightly better frontal armor, but will have a hard time penetrating the T-34's with their AP9 guns (He'll have a 3+ save to the front, and a 4+ to the side). As always, the Germans will have to be sneaky and plink off their opponents at range. The F1 can contribute some direct-fire smoke.

It should be pretty interesting!


  1. I've got 2 done. With Saturday off, I plan on getting at least 10 more. But Sunday I work a long shift, so I might not get everything done. But! I shall do my best!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I can get three tanks per company (block of 10) to have an AT 11 gun. 10 point per upgrade from T-34 to T-34/57. I'm just gonna use the 34/85 turrets for those. It'll be Red Army, so Fearless Conscripts. After giving things Cupolas, it comes to 1450 points for me.

  3. I'll work on a new list. Do you want to play on Monday or Wednesday?

  4. Good luck against the swarm...
    For the Fatherland, Sandy!

  5. P.S.- so glad you guys are liking the FoW, and it's good to see you guys posting, and pulling people in.
    Rock on, fellas.

  6. If I could direct your attention to page 69 of the 2nd ED FoW rulebook. You get an extra point of armour if you are shot at from more then 40cm. It does not sound as if you are taking this into account.

  7. Alex, our guns don't have that kind of range, so it's a moot point.

    Also, let's aim for Wednesday. This week is crazy for me at work, so I might not be able to get them all done. I'm trying though.

  8. Wait...Sorry, read the inches as centimeters. Hrm...That is something to think about...

  9. @TheNeverThere

    Wednesday it is! Now if we can just get Farmpunk to ditch the Necromunda league on Monday...


    We're playing 3rd Edition, so the rule is on page 97. I think we've been giving a +1 to pen at close range, which is an easy mistake to make. We were taking a +1 to hit at close range for a while, when it's actually a -1 penalty for long range.

  10. @SinSynn

    The alure is spreading. :)

    Scottydon't is looking to sell the Guard army he won at 'Ard Boyz and start up a Flames Army too. If anyone wants to trade him, send me an email and I'll pass it on.

  11. Hah that will teach me to look at the wrong book. Wanted to point that rule out because of the problems our group had playing without it. My poor American tanks keep getting smushed at long range by cowardly German tanks that then Stormtrooper'ed and hid behind stuff. Or getting smushed by also cowardly Russian tanks. Also got smushed by thrice cowardly British tanks.


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