Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tyranid second wave finally?

By TheGravemind

So the supposed rumor is that there will be a second wave release of models in the next month or so. Now I normally don't care/follow the rumors that much, but this time in involves tyranids, and it seems to have a little evidence behind it.

So it seems the Tyranid Hive Tyrant has been removed from the GW website. I find this odd as the metal set had already been turned into a "Finecast" model and has been on the shelves for a while.

Now I guess this new wave is supposed to fill the gap of the models that they didn't make. Tyranids may be getting tervigons and spore pods, Spacewolves finally get Thunder wolves, and Necrons get their Stalkers. While for the necrons this is a huge deal, and I'm sure there are some SW players that have been holding out for either official models or fear of conversions. But I think for Tyranids this is a little to late.

The tyranids have been out long enough with out these models, that anyone who would want to use them, have already found a way to convert/proxy what they need. Many have even found alternative sources such as chapterhouse, who stepped up and filled the gap that GW left. Most Tyranid players have come and gone, or shelved their army for something created by Ward.

There are still the occasional "Tyranid Crusades" of someone claiming they are going to build tyranids to try and take to the top and prove they can be competitive. Most of the time this fails, as they don't seem to truly understand the magnitude and multitude of flaws in the book.

If GW had came out with Spore pod models and Tervigon kits when the book had first came out, Every Nid player would have bought 8 pods and 5 tervs off the bat without thinking twice. Now.... well now the codex has been analyzed, and people know generally what works, and substitutions have been seen.

So what does this mean for me (and other Nid players)? It means unless you have had trouble converting new models, RESIST the shiny. Having good looking models is great, but it doesn't magically make the unit or the codex any better. So unless there is a codex update/supplement, I'm not really interested in anything they come out with for Tyranids.


  1. The Inquisition says: pics or it didn't happen.

  2. That is my general stance on things, but the fact that the Finecast Hive Tyrant has been taken down from their website (and thus left no HQ models for tyranids) has got me leaning on toward this one.

  3. There's a question though... is it just off of the US site, or is it down from other countries as well?

    Every once in a while a product will be pulled from one site or another, for whatever reason... unless it's down totally, though, it's usually only temporary.

    I may be tempted by a Tervigon, simply because a) I haven't bought any Nids in such a long time, and b) it would allow me to use my Carnifex as a Carnifex (simply for funsies, of course). Spore pods though? The one I have is good enough to justify not spending the $40+ they'll likely be asking. Especially if I want to run a Myscetic Assault one day (again, for funsies) and need around 10 of the buggers... I'm not about to pay as much as I did for my full DE army for a handful of crummy "transports".

  4. Dang nabbit. Why'd you have to go and do that. Ya, it only seems to be the US site that has it down.
    Oh well, We'll see what the next month awaits.

  5. Personally, I would like to see the new models if they happen to come out. I'd like to examine GW's official take on what the models ought to look like. Don't get me wrong; I like my kitbashed tervigon, but I admit to being intrigued by these rumors.

  6. Maybe the Hive Tyrant kit is going to be a multi-purpose kit for building either a Hive Tyrant or a Harpy. GW does that for its monster kits these days. I figure it'll also be a combined kit for Tyrannofexes and Tervigons since the images in the Codex are so similar with the middle row of vents and all.

    Hopefully the Mycetic Spores come in a three-pack and get mounted on 60mm bases. I mean, they're only slightly more points than Rhinos, but then so are Terminators.

  7. Yeah, give us our stalkers! And Wraiths! And Death Ray totin' flying saucers while yer at it!

    Now, for Nids, I'm most interested in seeing a Parasite of Mortrex model...And bone swords for left hand.

  8. So apparently an update on the rumors.. there is now a rumor in Europe that stores are being told to run down their supplies of Tyrants.

  9. I am of the mind that if they re-do a multi-purpose tyrant, cool, but if they leave out any of the key new critters doing so, they didn't just drop the ball (they already did that), they dropped the world. I like Nids enough to own some and paint them, but GW has angered me on this one. They claim to be a Model Company that just happens to have rules, but in this case, they have had models for 2+ years and no models.

    All whining aside, I am foaming at the mouth for more Cron models!


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