Monday, February 20, 2012

Easy Objective Markers For Flames Of War

by SandWyrm

I've gotten sick of using artillery bases for my objectives in Flames, so I've come up with some nice print-and-go objective markers for our local players.

Just right-click, chose 'Save As...', print on thick photo paper, and cut them out. Farmpunk and TheNeverThere will get theirs the next time I see them. Patrick, those British markers are waiting for you!


  1. Nice work, matey!

    That said, I don't really wish to be "That Guy" but your British Union Flags are inaccurate, and it's the kind of thing people can get really uppity about. Especially the kind of people who are into faithfully recreating WWII forces in miniature!

    Essentially, the diagonal white cross is slightly offset, so going clockwise the diagonal bands alternate thick-thin-thick-thin. If you care enough to see what I mean, check out good ol' wiki:

    Yep - I'm "That Guy", apparently.

    Don't hate me, please!

  2. I love the 'antique' colours though, on all of them!

  3. Sigh... Blame the source pic I used. Us Yankees don't know these things. I was worried about having the right number of stars on the US flag. :)

  4. Since we're being pedantic:

    For the Red Army, I'd stick to the flag of the USSR, it's the one they had in all the classic photos:
    That other one just looks weird, I don't know where it comes from.

    The German flag is actually the war ensign of the Kreigsmarine, not really appropriate for army use (although it does look awesome).

    And is there someone who actually collects a Free French army? That's bizarre!

  5. Supposedly it's the red army battle flag.

    Farmpunk is the one who wants to play Americans as free French.

    I'm going to throw my hands up and say good enough. Eventually I'll be using scenic objectives anyhow. :P

  6. Boxes of Zigaretten, Schnapps and Playboys?

    I'm sure that'd get the soldiers going!

  7. There might be an Ark in there somewhere too. ;)

  8. Nice work.

    Gotta say I don't like people bringing fancy, custom objective markers to tournaments, since you can't place models on top of 'em.
    A large base, nice and flat, thank you.

  9. Sadly I'd never put a swastika on the table.

  10. Sadly, I couldn't find a better option. Even the Afrikakorps pendants have swastikas on them.

  11. @Sinsynn; using a swastika in a ww2 game where they would have been present should not be frowned upon or shyed away from. Its all part of the history and helps complete the remembrance that we give to those who fought and died. It cements the cause that was being fought for and that should not be forgotten.

    The annoying thing is that swastikas were around long before Nazism.

    Also, @Admiral Drax; did you know that it's only actually called a Union Jack when it is on a boat. At all other times it should be referred to as the Union Flag. :P

    1. clicked the wrong thing...sigh...
      My reply is below, good sir.

  12. Forgive me, fellas- not being partial to swastikas is a very personal choice of mine, and I am in no way judging anyone for anything.
    I'm well aware of the historical significance of the symbol, and it's history as well.
    It's not even as if I 'dislike' the thing, it's just that I live somewhere where people would take offense at seeing it.
    I have many Jewish friends that visit my home. They wouldn't like it, to be quite honest.
    To tell you the truth, it makes me a lil' uncomfortable as well.
    I play Flames as a miniature wargame and tactical exercise. Although I know a lot about the history of the conflict, I have no interest in playing the game 'historically.'
    But that's just like, my opinion, man.
    To each his own, right?


    1. I can understand that. Swastikas make me a bit uneasy as well. I much prefer the German double cross (black on a slightly larger white background. or the Heer shield, (black/white/red diagonal from top to bottom)
      For me, they don't carry quite as negative a connotation as the Swas.

      I think if I did Germans, I'd have to use only the double cross.

      then again, I play Americans/Free French.


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