Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tyranid second wave finally? (confirmed)

By TheGraveMind

It seems these rumors were correct and there are now leaks to WD pictures of the new Tyranids (and space wolves but what ever :)

They all look cool, but I don't think they are OMG amazing. It looks like the Tyrant will have extra boneswords to make a swarmlord with. There is a picture of a Flying Hive tyrant, but I didn't see him listed on the prices. While it is nice to finally have the model, I don't think it is worth paying for a separate box for one when I could just add wings to my other one.
The tervigon and tyrannofex look like the codex pictures, so nothing wrong there, back legs seem a little wanky.
There are finally thunder wolves, and they look a bit small. I'm wondering how those tiny animals carry the weight of a space marine. I'm not sure how happy people are going to be buying 3 for 55$

Over all I think it is a bust. Still no Spore pods, no harpy. Unless there is a rules update to go with these I'm not really interested. I'm sure purest and non-converters will be happy to have models, but these release wave is just not going to be as hot as it could have been a year ago.

Looks like I might be selling my Tyranids soon. Not because I want to buy the new models, but because this shows they will not get a fix any time soon. I'm thinking 15$ for each MCs or a squad. I'll try locally and then ebay or craigslist.

PS. Looks like they will be selling a pair of boneswords or a bonesword lash whip set for 20$ each in finecast. Ya, that is such a good deal...


  1. Really, is there anyone with a Nid army who hasn't converted what they need by now?

    If the sculpts aren't going to be amazing, what's the point?

    1. That is exactly my point. The two models that I think people would need are the Spore pods and harpy. People would need like 4-8 pods for their full reserve army, which is increasing in popularity. And there isn't really a model to even work off of for the harpy, so having that model would be nice. Plus the harpy has some Anti tank potential and isn't an elite so that is another point towards it.

    2. Check the pod by Plasma Hatchers for an awesome and very cheap spore proxy. It is what I'm using and people like them.

  2. Yeah, seems WAY too late to pick up the "It's new and exciting" sales... My own Wolves are hitting the tables less and less, and 3/~$60 on the Thunderwolves seems a bit higher end for me especially after seeing the really nice resin (Armorcast I think) ones one of the local guys picked up. Dunno, they might still sell reasonably well, but not sure how many people are going to drop a bunch of money on this stuff, especially the Tyranid stuff on the "let's see what the 'rumored' next edition brings us" chance...

    I'm also a bit curious if the Ragnar, etc. are just Finecast versions of the ancient 2nd ed pieces or if they're getting new models... Being "slightly cynical", I'd be betting on finecast 2nd ed models, but who knows :-)

  3. The winged tyrant is part of the new plastic hive tyrant kit along with the swarmlord bits, etc. I already have two metal tyrants with magnetized limbs but will still buy two of the new tyrants. The plastic bits will be a godsend and I can easily convert the flying tyrant to a harpy with the addition of the plethora of carnifex bits I have.

    As far as the t-fex and tervigon they look like mini-biotitans instead of slugs or fat carnifexes, so to me there's not a garage kit or conversion that comes close to looking as good (expection being moloch and other super talented folks but thats the excpetion not the norm). My converted tervigons were pretty much still carnifexes (and are magnetized) so they will go back to being just that.

    What is irritating is the rumored price of the warrior resin sets for boneswords. $20 for 3 sets of boneswords and $20 for bonesword/lashwhip. Rediculous imo.

  4. I'd like to point out that when I was looking around for substitutes the price once you included the extra bits that were needed was much higher than $18.50 per model.

    Regarding the Tervigons I'm glad there is an official model. I build mine tall because I figured it should be hard to get cover. Now there is no excuse for lowcrawling your model. Plus I like them, I'm going to pick up 2, buy two sets of carni leg bitz and rebuild my two carnies. But then again I built my stuff knowing a better kit would come out and planned accordingly.

  5. I am just pissed that Necrons Tomb Blades are pushed back yet again. Grrrr....

  6. Thoughts...

    Models look fine... good, even. But the Tervigon hardly looks like more than a *slightly* more spindly Carnifex head on a Trygon torso. Oh my, the exhaust plume things off of the carapace are a little longer. Yeah, that's worth dropping cash for... the model is fully up to GW standards, but is hardly better than kitbashing your own. And at this rate, the price tag will be more than the cost of doing so yourself in the first place.

    As for the winged tyrant? I see no reason that that's not actually a Harpy. Well, maybe Harpy's can't have single guns... it's been a while since I've looked. But it's about the perfect substitute, with a mild weapon alteration. Snake body, wings, about as tall as a Trygon? How is that not perfect?

    In any case, I don't know that I'll be running off to the stores any time soon for this lot. The Tervigon also suffers from the "giant sac underbelly" that, personally, I dislike. It seems the oddest thing in the world that a creature designed for the battlefield would have such an obvious weak spot, let alone one that contains its entire purpose for being there. It's like putting the fuel tank/plasma generator/other highly unstable component on the front of a vehicle instead of tucked away safely behind foot-thick layers of armor. Does it look cool to have a termagant coming out of it? Very. But I prefer other methods.

    1. Notice how the names are misspelled? Poor GW had its names hijacked by other companies. :)

      Anyhow I just saw a pic and the Tiranofex/tervigone pose looks like a cat in heat.

  7. I was thinking the same; that snake-body winged Tyrant absolutely seems like it's intended to be the Harpy. The FW winged Tyrant had legs just like a normal one.

  8. Well, having a tail instead of legs (at least proper legs) wouldn't be so weird to me, since its a trend with "non-walking" bugs... but there are some other slight differences (or maybe the pic is just too blurry). The head horn thing seems smaller, and the carapace around the shoulders may (or may not) be subtly different. Very subtly.

    Again, could just be the pics, buuuut... who knows. In any case, it's a dead ringer for conversion fodder...

  9. This is definitely cool for those of us who like out-of-the-box models, and particularly for the beginner players. I don't need a Tervigon models because the unit is a liability, but a Tyrannofex? I'll take two! Nice to know that there's going to be an influx of cheap Tyranid models on the market though. Remember to let us know when they're up on ebay!


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