Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enhanced Gun Laying Drives? SO Worth It!!!

by SandWyrm

So maybe you were thinking, like me, that an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive wouldn't add that much to your aiming speed. I mean, the Shell Rammer helps with the load times, but it's not OMG amazing.

Well, the EGLD is. Because it lets you fire on the move. My Tiger can now pop out from behind cover and hit you with maximum accuracy right away, instead of having to wait a second or two. If I move at half speed, I never lose accuracy at all unless I turn the body of the tank. That's pretty cool!


  1. What the hell are you talking about?

    What codex is an 'EGLD' available in? I've only got PotMS in mine.


  2. Hell? What in the Throne are you talking about? Some traitor nonsense?

  3. I think someone has been playing World of Tanks!

  4. How dare you Sandwyrm! Get back to giving us supremo quality 40k articles. None of this World of Tanks nonsense!

    (<- only jealous because they only do a windows version)

  5. I drop the Crew fans when I have Shell Rammer, Vtelescope and then enough $ for Gun laying. It's so damn expensive for Tier V and up....

  6. I run WOT on my Mac (In Windows). :P

  7. Just got started. first game I dc'd, and came back in blown up.

    seems interesting. My only issue is yellow gold.

  8. Takes forever without gold, but I'm gridning up to Pather slowly but surley

  9. you don't need yellow gold. i have never used it and i enjoy myself just fine.

  10. For us who are not wallet-warriors (i.e.: no-pay to play), list what you've got in your hanger:

    M7 elite with shell rammer, vscope and crew fan
    M4-8ea, still gridning for last engine upgrade
    Marder (just a fun low-end game unit, cammo, elite. Have had hetzer option forever, but meh, I like 460m view range)
    PZ4 (last gun upgrade)

    Sold my bonus Premium tank long ago...Yeah, takes forever and I've got enough extra xp on the M7 to shoot up probably past T-20...

  11. Also not golding it, however I went to "tankfest" in Bovington (UK) and WoT were there promoting. They were giving out miniature tanks which also came with 500free gold... I'd recommend going to tank shows / places WoT will be in order to take advantage of such promotions. I haven't used any of it yet though, as I want to wait for a better tank to 100% the crew

    My garage has:

    PzII (kept as is great fun)
    AT1 (elite)(another great low tier tank!)
    M3 Stuart (elite)(russian variant, WoT promo freebie)
    M4A2E4 (elite)(given to Beta testers on going live)

    I'm being strict on my T34-85, going straight for the T43. Elite tanks are great at generating free xp. and the premium ones are even better. A lot of beta testers sold off their free tank, but mine is making lots of cash for me!

    There is a lot to be said for knowing the capabilities of your tank, and also the weak spots of the enemy. Having a tiger than can move about and still fire accurately is immensly powerful - just be sure to be aiming in the right place!

  12. mine is changing all the time. i get bored once i have all the upgrades for anything so i am slowly (!!!) making my way through every single tank on the tree. best i have is M3 Lee, which sucks. i prefer playing TD's and Arty though.

  13. Well, I am gold-ing it (thanks eBay buyers!). Mostly to convert experience from my elite tanks so I can progress faster. I've also bought some additional garage slots and 100%-ed some crews.

    I've currently got:

    Elite Panzer II (Camo/Vent/Springs)
    Elite Marder II (Camo/Scope/GunDrive)
    Elite Leopard (Camo/Vent/Springs)
    Panzer III/IV (Camo/Vent/ShellRam)
    Elite Tiger (Optics/ShellRam/GunDrive)

    The souped-up Tiger is my favorite. It will take a while to save up the 2.4M for the King Tiger.

    The Panzer III/IV is a nice tank, but overlaps a lot with the Leopard. I'll probably trade it for the VK on my way to the Panther.

    The Marder is just awesome for it's tier. I tried the Hetzer, Stug, and the Jag. But they just can't meaningfully damage the big heavy tanks that they always face. Whereas the Marder will average 4-5 kills per game. It's also got the widest forward arc of any TD I've tried.

    The PII is great for low-tier traktor killing. While the Leopard is the best scout there is.

  14. I've got:

    -M2 Light tank (Elite) with an almost fully maxed out crew.
    -M4 Sherman that I'm grinding to the M4E8
    -PzII Luchs that I'm working into a Leopard
    -M37 that I fuck around with sometimes

  15. I've got:

    SU85B and SU85
    SU26 (so much fun ... its like a toy tank with a huge gun!)
    Luchs and Leopard
    PzKpfw B2740 (the level 4 heavy with the 30rpm ... clear gun laying required)
    An M2Mt with the 75mm Howitzer (boom)
    An M4 with the howitzer
    An Easy Eight Sherman with the rammer, Verticle Stabilizer and saving up for a EGLD for ultimate gun-running.

    And I'm saving up 1.2million creds for my very own T20... yummy.

  16. I'm running a PZII Luchs vents
    PZ III Elite grousers, suspension, vents (my personal fav)
    PZ IV working on the later gun upgrade
    Marder Elite camo optics vents
    Wespe shell rammer
    Hetzer camo vents shell rammer

  17. T1
    T18 TD
    M2 Light
    craptastic russian light that you get first.

  18. my current Garage looks like:

    T29 (soon to be replaced with a T32)
    KV3 (almost to elite)
    KV (fully upgraded, holding onto it for Russian expansion, and free crews, tanks, etc.)
    T20 (fully upgraded, working slowly towards elite)
    M41 (fully upgraded, halfway to M12 arty)
    Wolverine (elite, for making creds and conversion exp.)

    so 6 tanks.
    I wish I'd kept my Easy8 rather than getting the T20, but don't get me wrong, a fully upgraded T20 is a lot of fun. The Easy8 just made me a lot of credits. I didn't realize how much until I got my T20.

    I'm working on getting to the T34 before they make it premium. Then I'll get a free premium T34, and a free T9 tank with 100% crew. Which is also why I've got the KV and KV3.

    I don't buy a lot of special gear, I have a cammo net and shell rammer on my M41 arty, and a Periscope on my T29, which will get moved to the Wolverine when I get my T32.

  19. I'm digging my Grille. I think it's the most fun I've had with arty since my time in the Bison.


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