Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adepticon: LustWing vs. Tallarns

by SandWyrm

Chambers and I finally got a game in! Though we had to travel to Adepticon to do it. We played after my game with Dethtron on Saturday. The battle report for which will be coming on Friday. :)

Do you hate "Counts As" armies? Well prepare for your head to pop! He runs his Slaanish Terminators (Lovingly modeled and painted by Ron at From the Warp) using Space Wolves rules. Kirby would be proud. :)

It was a heck of a time finding a table to play on. The main 40K hall was full-up on Saturday with the Team Tournament, and while there were tables elsewhere, there wasn't much terrain available (note: Next time I'm bringing my own).

Finally, Dethron and I settled on an unused 4x4 table in the Epic 40K/LoTR room. After he and I were done, Chambers and I had our game. His army isn't really competitively built, so the 4x4 size and the extra terrain would give him some additional advantage against me.

The mission ended up being Sieze Ground with 3 objectives. Chambers won the rolloff and took the side with 2 objectives near his deployment zone.

His Setup

Oooooh! Pink!

 My Setup

 Foul "Counts As" Scum! ;)

Protect the sheep!

Turn 1

One Vendetta down to missiles.

Shook the Demolisher.

Lone um... Wolf inbound! 

Turn 2

Hellhound down!

Around this time we hear the Epic 40K T.O. announce that the two Necron players will be fighting each other in the final round. Everybody cheers wildly!

Necrons are overpowered in Epic? Go figure. :)

LONE WOLF CHARGE!!!... Oh, he didn't hit. :)

Lone Wolf dead.

Immobilized myself on some terrain. Gotta walk.

I'm whittling him down slowly...

Turn 3

Moving up on the right. Well, except for the guy peeing on the tree.


2nd Vendetta down. This shot is so Battlestar Galactica (1979).

Four! Four Termies left in the center! AH, Ah, ahhhh.

So then the guy that let us play on the table walks up and says that the guy who owns the trees has to leave. So we do a quick switch-aroo on the terrain and get back to playing.

 Assault! He won the combat of course.

And then that same guy walks up again and apologizes profusely. But he says the guy who owns the trees also owns the board we're playing on. Oh well.

So we pack up.

Now I'm sure the perverted "Counts-As" traitors will claim that they won the battle. But don't believe their lies! The forces of the God Emperah WYSIWYG were clearly victorious! The sheep will back me up on this. ;)

(It seems Chambers and I will never get a proper game in. Sigh...)


  1. I got to meet you ever so briefly... I was the other guy who let you use the castle terrain.

    As you noticed - Saturday was super crazy for open gaming. We'll need to work on that for next year.

  2. Thanks for letting us hog your terrain for 4 or 5 hours. We really appreciated it!

  3. Proud of the Pink or the Counts as :P? lol

  4. ooh you beat me to the yes.

  5. How come my longfangs never pop your stupid vendetta's in 1 turn??? Not fair! I can only blow them up by rolling a 6 to hit with my Thunderwolves vbecause you moved so fast. :)

  6. You're just not pink enough Spaggy. ;)

  7. I love the Slaaneshi army!

    I wish I could stick with a project like that long enough to complete it.

  8. Lies! Imperial propagandist lies!
    We had rolled the enemy by turn four and were defiling their corpses and the sheep by turn five. Funnily enough it appears that the sheep’s safe word was ice cream...

    In all seriousness it was good to finally throw dice against SandWyrm after 3 previous aborted attempts. This was the first time I had faced a truly mobile army with the Lustwing, that much of a maneuvering differential is hard to compensate for. I really enjoyed the challenge I and I look forward to trying again someday. Maybe we will actually get to play a game to completion.

    I had to chuckle at the “army isn't really competitively built,“ comment. While I was watching the table before the game a gentleman came over to admire the armies basically the conversation went as follows;

    Nice army what is it?
    It's a counts as space wolves list with Logan.
    Logan bomb then?
    Nope, just Logan and terminators, kinda of a first company but with more style.
    No long fangs or thunderwolf cav then?

    then he wandered off leaving me feeling robbed of any chance to take a quick stab at the rotting corpse you all love so much or his inept lapdogs. Oh well there is always next time.

  9. Throne, now I'm going to be hearing "" in my head all night.


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