Friday, April 29, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! New Game Night at the North Store!

by Anonymouse Foodie

Let it be henceforth known that the Games Preserve North is changing its 40k night!

Most of the locals should have gotten the memo already, but for any of you foreigners that may like to stop by on occasion, here's yours.  40k nights at the GP North are moving to Mondays (from Wednesday) starting in April.

So if you had plans to come up for some plasticrack funs, you may want to rethink the scheduling a bit.

Wednesdays will now be host to "Wednesday Night Encounters" - a "must be Wednesday" (a la Friday Night Magic) DnD dungeon-crawl game.

On that note, it would be nice to see how many of the regulars will still be able to make it on Mondays (as I know a couple have already said they won't be able to). -like me (farmpunk)

Come on, people... I need to get my gaming fix!!


  1. Fight the man. Just keep going on Wednesdays. Every one knows 40K players are higher in the geek hierarchy than D&D players.

  2. well gas is forcing me to come once a month now. and with the switch to mondays i CANT come EVER. i have my kids every monday and sorry but im not switching that. i dont get the reasoning, when you have a group of 12-20 guys who come in regularly and switch to d&d encounters who play, with what 6 people? do the maths kids. there are other underlying things, im sure, but regardless, this HURTS the gaming community in Indianapolis.

  3. I think this is a WOTC thing. They have to have Wednesday night encounters or they can't have Friday Night magic. And those magic players spend a lot of money.

  4. That's how I understand it too. Wizards has decreed from on high that Wednesday SHALL be D&D encounters night.

    I'm not sure if the store loses support for FNM or not. I think it's to get more support through D&D.

    that all said, I'll still show up for 40K every other week on Wed. if not every week. Mondays kinda sucks for me. Besides, If I'm going to bust my booty to get to the store on mondays by 6pm, and still not get a game becasue of full tables...
    I might as well stick to Wed.
    I suppose if the tables are full, I could roll up a character for D&D. I'm not going to buy any books though. I've got better roleplaying books I don't use.

  5. on a side note: i will now be going to G2D4 one Saturday a month to make up for the loss of my gaming night in Indy. So if you're looking for a game, let me town.

  6. Hey all...

    Mr. Loqucious here. As a store owner, I figured I'd shed a bit of light on the whole D&D Encounters thing.

    Yep. It's gotta be Wednesdays.

    Nope. Unless there is a memo I missed somewhere, not running Encounters does not mean a store loses its Friday Night Magic status.

    Also, each table of Encounters is set up for six people, but a store, provided they can find the GMs for it, can run multiple tables.

    We do not run Encounters at Armored Gopher Games due to our D&D 4th edition crowd being VERY small, but I do know of other stores who draw 25+ people every week with it. As with any other game, milages vary from store to store.

    Just a few thoughts...

  7. caulynn: i didnt want to say it myself. i dont know exactly if gp north wanted people to know it. but yeah to that extent thats the deal.


  8. GopherDave said pretty much what FLGSDan told me This last Wed night.

    I think GPNorth is only expecting to have 1 table. I don't think they're expecting it to be full either. It may surprise them. I dunno.

    It may die out if it kills most 40K attendance, and still doesn't turn out many people.

    we'll see. but yeah. this is gonna seriously hamper my gaming too. My family schedule is partly based around Wed gaming

  9. It is kind of dumb, for one reason. Most RPG players have no store loyalty. The company I work for has 20-30 people who regularly play RPGs and board games, and none of them would be caught dead buying anything from brick and mortar stores. They can save 30% by buying online. The don't need the space and terrain that miniature gamers do. They can easily play at the kitchen table, and their player base is larger because the entry cost is lower.

    40K players need their game store, D&D players don't. Who should the store cater too?

  10. i'd disagree about RPG players and their loyalties. the two stores i've known that actually choose to host games and foster that playerbase have great retention rates (boardroom and saltire). they obviously pay less for their toys, but they are more likely to spend in-store if they can play there, just like us plastic pushers.

    i honestly don't see the huge deal here. it isn't like they're cancelling in-store gaming, just move it to a night that, admittedly, may exclude some players but may also pick up some new ones. those with more difficult schedules can always frequent some of the other venues we have around town. i know i will go where the games are as long as it isn't too far out.

  11. Okay, I understand y'all are upset, but the store did not ELIMINATE your night. They just moved it, which means they still care enough about you to give you one. I also understand that many of you have planned your schedules around your old night, and the new night does not jibe with those shcedules. However, there might be other players in the area who can make the new night that could not make the old one for the same reason.

    Second the "no loyalty" thing crosses EVRY section of gaming. I cannot put a quantity to the number of folks who come in to our store, ask us for advice about variuos games (RPGs, miniatures, borad games, CCGs, etc.) and then go online and order the stuff they want based on OUR ADVICE because it's cheaper.

    Conversely, I know a number of gamers who would rather buy from my store (and stores like mine) becuase we are so helpful and we do bend over backwards to get them what they want. No, we usually cannot discount it much, if at all, since we have lights to keep on and doors to keep open, but we're told our service makes up for it.

    As for space, many of the RPGs that run at our store use as much, if not more, than a typical 40K set-up. I've lived in places that could hold such a game before, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

    I'm not trying to antagonistic here. Just trying to let people into the mind of a store owner and why we take the sometimes cryptic actions that we do.

  12. Okay here is the thing. I buy from my local game store ONLY! I might pick up a little this or that while I am out at a different gaming store, but as per Muncie. I keep the lights on and the doors open at the Keep.

    That being said, I can not say the same when I played heavily in D&D, and White Wolf games. I just have to point out that when I was a RPG gamer, I didn't care if I bought from a store in the are, I looked for the better deal, because we literally could play at the kitchen table. We didn't need a game store to play our games. I still play A LOT of board games, and have moved now to buying them from the Game store that I play 40K at.

    Now I can understand what it is that GopherDave here is saying. There are the gamers out there who just simply love the convince, and expertise that they give. It is invaluable to know what something is like without having to purchase it first. And that type of expertise is something that you can't get out of a computer.


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