Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon: Armies Of The (Vanilla) Space Marines

by SandWyrm

Despite the newer flavors, armies from Codex: Space Marine still had the largest showing at Adepticon. With Blood Angels a very close second, and Wolves a distant third. So at 17 armies of the 92 I photographed, here's what people had:

This bike army went on to the finals.

I think this is the one Hulksmash got a perfect victory on with his infiltrating Genestealers.


  1. That DeathGuard army is awesome!

  2. The guy with the Lamenters paint scheme did he run them as vanilla marines?

  3. Nope, those are furiosos so that's a sneaky blood angel player.

  4. Hey I recognise the top one! (The purple pre-heresy Emperor's Children). It belongs to Thomas from Blue Table Painting... he seems like a good dude!


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