Friday, April 8, 2011

There's No Crack Like ForgeWorld Crack

by SandWyrm

I was going to call it quits on the Imperial Guard for a while post-Adepticon and concentrate on other things (cough... Emo Wing... cough...). But just when you think you're free, they pull you back in!

With a whole booth full of Forge World in front of me at the show, I finally caved in and bought the Veterans with shotguns upgrade packs. They only had one left, but shipping was free on the other three I needed to make 2 proper shotgun-Demolition squads.

I was lucky that Forge World even showed. Word from the booth was that the execs at GW didn't want to do Adepticon because it was "Just a Con" instead of a "real" Games Day show. You know, the GW-run shows that bring in maybe 1/4th of the number of 40K gamers that Adepticon does. So they sent 4 guys (instead of the usual 12) and a limited amount of stock. Even that required begging from the Adepticon guys.

Maybe the execs' opinions will change. According to the FW guys in the booth, they were on track to beat their best Games Day sales just one day into Adepticon. Much of that merchandise will have to be shipped free from the UK (since they didn't have it at the show), taking a large chunk out of what would have been pretty amazing profits!

Let's hope they learn their lesson and come in force next year.

In stark contrast to GW, Privateer Press was really working it. They had sales guys, tables, stock, free swag bag samples, free rules pamphlets, and even guys running mini-demos right in front of the doors to the 40K hall! I don't like their game (tried the demo and hated it), but I have to admire their commitment.


  1. I saw the line for FW on Friday - choked up the whole vendor hall. If they were on to a sales record based on Friday, that's really saying something. Way back when, I worked the FW booth at Baltimore Games Day. I have never worked so hard....

  2. I too love FW stuff, I just wish they would update thier sales bundles, as it stands you really only need 6 shotguns for a squad.. and the pack gives you 5!

    That said, I used my leftovers on the preist conversions i did and without the spares, I might never have done that.

  3. I Know. Forgeworld is bad I would go as far as saying that Forgeworld are worse than drugs and more expensive.

  4. I never quite understood shotguns. In what purpose do you use them?
    who do you assault?
    Forgeworld Resin is crappy and overpriced considering resin is cheaper than metal.
    I'm going to get some more though :/

  5. Units jumping out of Vendettas sometimes need to assault something after they shoot (like say a Multi-Melta attack bike). That's the only reason for taking shotguns. Besides the fact that they look cool. :)

  6. I HIGHLY agree with you SandWyrm

  7. Agree with you on guard pulling you back in -- I had switched over to Wolves for a while, then switched back to IG a month after the SW codex came back. Of course, you mentioned the BEST reason to take shotguns -- they look cool.


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