Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adepticon: Armies Of The Space Wolves

by SandWyrm

Hey! It's the 500th B40K post!

At 10 of the 92 armies I photographed, here's the Space Wolves!


  1. WOW,

    What sub par space wolf lists! A vindicator with Thunderwolves? That is daring. The carnisors look ok, but I prefer real wolves.

  2. Who cares, Cold ones (or w/e they are) as Thunderwolves! <3

  3. Well as you know Spagy, Thunderwolves are only a "counter-charge" unit. So they wouldn't be anywhere near the front near the stuff the Vindicators are shooting at. (ducking)

  4. @Kirby,

    They look ok, but I just prefer the wolves. No big deal. And don't make me come over there Sandwyrm.

    You Know what I didn't see was Stelek's super list with 2 lone wolf claw TW. Hmm!!!


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