Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon: Fifteen Hours Of 40K Later...

by SandWyrm

Wow. I'm tired.

I forgot to bring the right card reader for my computer, so pics will have to wait until I get back to Indy. But here's how I did:

I went 2-2-0 for the day.

Game 1 versus a standard Chaos list with 2 Daemon Princes, 2 Defilers, Plague Marines, etc. Tied on 2 objectives and took the third for the win.

Game 2 was versus JWolf's Strakken-Tallarns. It was VERY close and tense until the last turn, when I made 2 big mistakes and single-handedly lost the win. Arrgh!

Game 3 was versus Black Templars. My dice hated me for losing to JWolf, so they decided I wouldn't hit with more than 1 melta in 3 all game. My opponent also got unbelievably lucky and blew a Vendetta out of the sky turn 1 with a single lascannon, killing the Vets inside. Even so, it was a nail biter until turn 4.

Game 4 was versus a crazy Space Wolf super-hero list. He had THIRTEEN infantry models, including 4 HQs. Plus 2 Land Raiders. I blocked him silly and TIED on kill points (woo-hoo!). I won on objectives and VPs.

At the end of the day, I finished 24th of 146 246 players overall (Wins + BPs + Appearance + Sportsmanship).

I think I was robbed of 4 painting points by my judge. Had I gotten them I'd have finished 7th overall. I think if I'd have won just one more game I'd have gotten best overall or at least best Imperial player.

Other Highlights:

JWolf went 3-1-0 with his Tallarns. He played on the table next to mine in round 4 and got crushed by Trukk Orks. Overall he finished 77th.

Tony, the kid who won at NOVA last year, is the top ranked player going into Sunday's finals.

MVBrandt was there, but got sick today and couldn't play. He showed up for the awards, but looked pretty darn pale. That sucks.

Darkwynn's orange-blossom Dark Eldar look better in person than in pictures. The white-with-red-crosses Dark Eldar look worse.

And the best bit:

Hulksmash got a perfect victory with infiltrating Genestealers on an opponent that decided to go all-reserve against him. He simply lined the board edge with models so that his opponent couldn't move on. :)

Edit: Here's a well-known pic of a Tau Player doing the same thing to a White Scars player at a European championship game. Hulksmash did say that he still played a proper game with the guy. But I don't know which game result they went with. I'll ask him on Sunday when we're scheduled to get a game in.


  1. lmao - go Hulk!!!

    Congrats on 7th out of 146; that ain't bad; and nice to see Tony get some vindication after the points kerfluffle. Thanks for posting!

  2. I would just like to see a picture of the guys face when they told him no you cannot move your army in.

  3. It was good meeting you briefly today. I'll be around tomorrow, so hopefully we can chat for a bit

  4. I woulda Hulk Smashed the douche for doing that in the first place!

  5. HulkSmash=total bitch move. It is a tournament though so what can you do?

  6. What can you do?

    Well, for one, you could connect the two brain cells necessary to glance at your opponent's list and go "oh, hey, he has a bunch of Infiltrators. I better not Reserve my entire army and auto-lose."

    Ignoring all relevant circumstances and putting your army on auto-pilot is not a particularly grand strategy.

  7. @Dethtron

    If you have the time, a game would be better. I left the whole day open for wandering around, trying demos and getting 40K games in.

  8. (Added a demonstration pic to story)

    Hulk said that they started over and played a proper game. But I don't know which result they went with.

  9. It's a tournament. The other guy decided to reserve everything to nullify the advantage of the guy's infiltrators, think it served him right.

  10. Duh, 246. Did I mention that I was tired when I wrote this? :)

  11. We went with the result of the second game.

    Basically he said he went all reserve. I said you sure? He said yeah, and then I said ok well here come my genestealers across the back of the table. He said let's go get a beer. I said let's play a real game then get a beer. I let him deploy and then infiltrated my genestealers elsewhere. Wound up winning 3 objectives to 1 but I only got the last one cause he handed it to me for having such a great game.

    But I still get to claim a flawless victory!!!!

  12. Sorry about bailing on our game by the way. The 7 hour drive was calling my name. That and wife points are more important than gaming after Adepticon :)

  13. Not a problem. The Black Library round table was actually at 11:30. If I'd had a game with you, I'd have missed the chance to talk with Dan Abnett, who was a real blast. :)


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