Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank You!

by SandWyrm

You know, I just want to say thanks to our readers here at TB40K. Thank you for being intelligent and thoughtful. Your comments are always respectful and a joy to read. Well, except for all those your mama jokes recently. But everyone has a silly day. :)


  1. you been reading the BoLS comments again? My head nearly asploded at teh stupid this week.

    I mean nothing against the Fly Lords, or the people that post (Kirby, Brent, BBF). The Peanut Gallery's been drinking too much Kool-aid of stupid.

  2. I haven't commented at BoLS much lately so I'm glad I'm not implicated in any of that, but I hardly ever comment here either so I miss out on the praise. A mixed bag. Good to see the praise being given though. That doesn't happen often anywhere. Respect is underrated.

  3. Been reading Best Overall by any chance Mr Sandwyrm?

  4. At least I'm an exception, thanks Farmpunk :P.

  5. @BL

    Well, I did comment there, didn't I? :P
    The BoLS-comment hate is all over the place though.

  6. Well it's a pleasure to read, so it's good to know it's a pleasure to make too. Maybe high quality articles attract a higher quality of poster?
    *twiddles monocle* huk huk huk...


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